Complete Auto Bodywork Training – How To Paint a Car – SLK Series in HD.

Hey guys! Today’s blog is entitled Complete Auto Bodywork Training – How To Paint a Car – SLK Series in HD.

I just added 21 NEW step-by-step videos on this Mercedes SLK project. Bodywork and Paint at its finest!

I will take you through the steps on what I did and how I did it. This SLK came out beautiful. We custom molded a rear lip spoiler that we got from ebay for $130.00 I think… around that price range. An OEM spoiler for this car was about $350.00.

When I took the spoiler out of the box I noticed that the part was really wavy and defective. I contacted the seller and told them about the problem. They replied by saying “Yes, we know our last mold wasn’t the best” They said that they’ll ship another and it would take 3-4 weeks for arrival.

I said that I didn’t have that much time etc… and to make a long story short I ended up getting a $100.00 back from them. So for $30.00 and a little bit of bodywork I say it’s worth the extra hour fixing it! and I will show you HOW I did it too!

This car was painted using PPG base coat clear coat and color sanded & buffed for perfection. I hope you enjoy it VIP members!

Thanks for watching the sneak peek video entitled Complete Auto Bodywork Training – How To Paint a Car – SLK Series in HD.

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2 thoughts on “Complete Auto Bodywork Training – How To Paint a Car – SLK Series in HD.”

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    Help please with some basic questions about painting base coat/clear coat.

    1. Ive seen base coat applied/sprayed and then clear coat applied. Question is: Should base coat be sanded before applying clear coat? If base coat is not smooth or has orange peel or some runs, what grit should base coat be sanded with before applying clear coat? Is it just better to sand the base coast before applying clear coat to get a smoother finish? I see people painting, but no one addresses this. Almost like the base coat is always perfect and they just start shooting clear over it without addressing the base coat.

    2. On a vehicle where clear coat is weathered and cracking and peeling down to the base coat, what steps should be taken to fix this? Should the car be sanded and with what grit,….then should it be primed and started from the beginning or can I just sand it down and shoot a fresh coat of clear.

    I see most newer cars clear coats becoming oxidized and or peeling and cracking, so I want to know whats the easiest approach to fix the clear coat problem I see on every other car today including my own vehicle.

    Please answer Tony and anyone out there who knows some of these simple answers to questions people wanting to learn like me. i want to join but dont have the money right now, so I want to learn as much as I can in the mean time.

    Thank you Tony!!!

    • 1. No, your base coat should not be sanded prior to clear coating. If you have runs, sand with 800 – 1000 then base the area before clearing. For #2 we have the entire step-by-step process explained. The best way to fix the cracking clear coat problem is to paint the entire panel, including new base and clear.

      Be cool!


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