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Book Sample Below:

Sandpaper is rated based on its coarseness. Low numbers are the coarsest while
the higher numbers are much finer. You can get sandpaper starting from 36-grit to rough up
body filler to 2,000 grit for final wet sanding. Sheets of sandpaper can be bought that measure
a foot square for you to cut or fold depending on your needs. Make sure you purchase enough
sandpaper to complete the job. One sheet is often not enough for more than one small general repair.

You may not be aware of the multitude of various types of sandpaper products available on the market.
The choice used to be between open coats or wet and dry sandpaper. Now you will also find various
backings and shapes to use on various sanding tools.

Sanding Blocks and Boards
A sanding block or board works best to give you a flat, even sand. Choosing to use only your hand
will result in low spots or grooves because of the irregular shape of your hand. Sanding blocks and
boards, because of their flat and rigid base will allow the same amount of pressure to be dispersed
across the sanding surface.

You will find sanding blocks and boards for sale at auto body paint and supply stores as well as
most auto parts stores. It’s important to remember to make sure the sanding block and the body panel
shape are compatible. You may need to use a variety of sanding tools to achieve this so use whatever
you can to help you attain a smooth finish.

Sanding Machines
A Sanding machine will consist of a pneumatic or an electric hand sander. You don’t always need to
use one, especially if you are working on a small job. A sanding machine will significantly reduce the
amount of time you spend on this particular task if you are going to be painting the entire vehicle or if
the vehicle has undergone some body repair. Make sure you know how to operate it; a sanding machine
will unnecessarily damage a vehicle if it’s being operated by an inexperienced person.

To you and Auto Body And Paint!

Tony Bandalos & the LABAP team.

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27 thoughts on “FREE 85 Page e-read! ***Special Offer*** Autobody and Paint!”

  1. Tony
    As an individual that is probably old enough to be your dad… who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!! I must congratulate you on your success with I do not know you nor have I ever met you, but one thing I must say… I certainly appreciate your mannerism along with your sincerity. You reflect professionalism in what you do and certainly appreciate the tricks of the trade. I am in the process of tackling a big enough project on my own. If it were not for the “show me how” programs available on TV, I would certainly be intimidated of wanting to carry on a project by myself. My vehicle is currently down to the shell except for the dash… don’t want to mess with that!! Again, thanks for your continuous support via along with the encouragement that I can see myself through the project.
    Lee – Houston, TX.

      • Tony… my project got derailed for a while but I am planning to continue on with it during the Christmas Holidays. Yes, the car is an 1981 Mercury Capri RS with a bit over 12,000 original miles. I am the original owner and the car has been sleeping in the garage since 1985 when I last did the yearly registration renewal. The car is currently white in color and red interior, but the wife hates the white for some reason or another. So I really have to do my prep and work correctly as I take the plunge and go with a high gloss black with satin black “RS” badging. The car just did not have the get up and go, so over the years I have purchased a complete undercarriage makeover to include rear end, koni’s, springs, TKO 600 transmission, sway bars, 400 HP small block. It may take a bit more time, but my project will eventually come together. I keep looking to seeing your videos, and emails.
        Lee – Houston, TX

    • i m a boy of 34 years old in Tanzania country. here i take may study in vocational in Iringa region . we have lack of of learning material of painting and sign writing in our vocational. i was very happy when i was receiving your free 85 pages. i steel to need your help on my study. please please help me more material. and we are welcome you to visity our country especial our vocational for more adviser thank you for your material .while some of it are differ in our country because of poor availability of tools and equipment

  2. hi Tony The info Ive received from the membership is very informative. I have done most of the custom work on my show
    vehicles myself but have not tried painting. So I am using your site to gain book Knowledge for when the time comes
    to paint. Is the book your offering the same text I received when I joined.
    If you would like to see my vehicles ,tell me how to send pics.

    thanks Al

  3. Hi Tony, I will be joining vip membership later this month. I started painting my 88 F150 last summer but was not able to finish it then. I’m in florida and I will be painting it this winter, what is the lowest temp that I can paint, considering I have to paint it outside.

    Thanks Larry

  4. Hi tony i cant get on to the contact site to ask this question will the video play on our video machines here in the uk (scotland )

  5. Great site with a lot of educational information. Just started on the e book and it is very well written as I have a certification myself with PPG and auto-body technician. Just semi-retured.

  6. Hey Tony i appreciate this site i have painted cars and motorcycles for a few years an this site is very helpfull in keeping me up to date on materials i would like the opertunity to flip a car with you someday

  7. Tony,

    I am just amazed as to how you did it. What? all that you have gone thru.. the knowledge – the expertness in both careers, the Autobody & Painting, and the Buying & Sales of Cars. I was trying to analyze. Autobody & Painting? Yes! Because you get it from doing it and more doings and years will give you Expertness, even if you only have secondary education, this is more of skills. The Buy and Sell? And you keep saying, that if I can do it.. you con too! Wow! its really amazing!

    Where do you get all this knowledge? Just like Lee, I also don’t know you and had never met you in person. Yet, you really did touched me, you made me believe in YOU. Are you sure, you only ended up in secondary education? You write and speak well, just like professionals do.

    Anyway, I do believe, it’s maybe because of the SINCERITY and HONESTY and the HEART that you have in YOU and most of all, GOD had given you what you have.

    You are GREAT my FRIEND and I do admire YOU. I am sure you are blessed because of the kind of HEART that you have.

    Keep up the good work!!! I will be reading all your trainings in this free 85 pages of knowledge that came from your brain..hehehe!

    Your new found friend from the Philippines,

    • Maribeth, I thank you sincerely for the kind thoughts. And yes I do strongly believe that YOU can do ANYTHING you believe YOU can. That’s all it is. Your own thinking. Your reality may be someones dreams. You need to think BIG in all areas of life. I hope you enjoy the e-read! It took me MONTHS to write!!!

      -Tony 🙂


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