GOOF UP How To Repair Clear Paint That Peeled From a Fresh Paint Job 🤷‍♂️

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. Here’s a question from Mike who’s working on his ‘99 GMC project. 

“Hey Tony,  Mike here with a ‘99 GMC. I messed up. I painted finally on Saturday, and came back 12 hours later. 

I didn’t wait for the 24-hour dry time and had to get it out of the shop on Sunday. I had a lot to put together before I could drive it home. I detailed, then decided to put the door handles on, and put tape around the handle to protect the paint. I pulled the tape and the clear and paint came off with it. What’s the best way to fix it?”  

You should have not put the tape around this area and then put the handle on. The only way to really fix this is sand it with 2000-grit and take the handle off.

Buff it very lightly and get some touch of paint, the silver metallic one, and dab it along the edges. That’s the quickest way to do it. 

If you really want to do it meticulously and professionally, you can feather all of this out with 400-grit and sand the whole door down with 800-grit. Then, base this area and clear the whole door. 

Remember to buff outward. Never buff coming down because it will make it worse. Buff away from the corners and edges and use the bottom of your buffer. 

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