🚙 Spraying Undercoating Under Removable Hard Top? TiteSeal and U Pol Raptor Liner

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video on our Q&A series. We have a question from Coach Cody.

“Tony, I have an old international scout that I’m playing with. I had to replace the top and was wondering if the undercoating is something I could spray the inside of the top with. Most of the time, and always in the summer, the top is off. But I am concerned about any smell or if it is something I just shouldn’t use on the interior.”

I wouldn’t recommend it on a soft top. But you can absolutely do it on a hard top. I would recommend Titeseal, which you can get off of eBay for about $5 a can. It’s a really good product. 

You can use the product underneath your car or under the hood and seal trunks. You can even do a complete undercarriage with this stuff if you want to, which I plan to do with my ‘67 Chevelle. 

This stuff will work well on a bedliner, the interior of a Jeep Wrangler or any off-road truck, and even the underside of your International Scout. 

Here’s the U-POL Raptor Bed Liner and Protective Coating, which I used on my Daihatsu Japanese Mini Truck Project. They also give you a little gun that you can use to spray with. 

I would not paint any of this stuff on a soft top. It might be even cheaper to buy a new soft top. Again, it all depends on what you’re doing. 

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  1. Hey tony love your videos man and they help so much. I have a question regarding a new paint job on the passenger side door my uncles friend had done. Its little darker than factory, its a new 2019 mitsubishi outlander. and I’m wondering is there anything I can do without repainting the door. Hope to hear from you soon man. Thank You! keep up the work man!


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