How To Fix a Scratch on a Car – Buffing Out Scratches!

In this quick video, I explain the process of How To Fix a Scratch on a Car – Buffing Out Scratches!

First, you want to identify the scratch. Then you want to clean the area with a damp shammy or cloth to take out road grime and dust. You don’t want to buff dirt onto the paint, you’ll actually defeat the purpose of taking out your scratches.

If you have a light surface scratch like this example video then you can just buff out the scratch by using a wool pad and compound. If your scratch is a deep scratch then you may need to wet sand the scratch so you can melt the clear together when buffing with your compound.

When buffing, it’s best to use a variable speed buffer this way you can control your pad speed. You never want to buff at full speed because you’ll just burn your paint and or dry out your compound too fast.

Buffing takes time. Have patience when buffing, use more compound when you start seeing the compound dry and disappear. Keep buffing in an up-and-down, side-to-side motion, and stay within an 18″X18″ area at a time. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin.

Once you start seeing the gloss in one section, then move on over across the panel.

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3 thoughts on “How To Fix a Scratch on a Car – Buffing Out Scratches!”

  1. Loved the last couple of videos you sent sent out. The only thing about this one is that you didn’t mention what products you used. If you don’t want to name the product that’s cool, but I would’ve like to know what was used. Other than that, I always enjoy the vids you make.

    • They are 3m products. I don’t want to reveal everything because I do have VIP members, and it wouldn’t be fair. They are VIP for a reason… to get uncut tricks of the trade that short-cut their success. Maybe VIP would be for you? We have thousands of members worldwide benefiting from the course and live monthly calls!

      Be cool Robert!

  2. Hi Tony,

    I’m a VIP member so don’t know if I should post here or not but it seems relevant.

    I use Farecla products and their recommendation for repairing a scratch is to flat back with 800 grit using a DA sander or wet flat with 1500 grade wet and dry then wet polish using a foam pad and Farecla compound. This seems contrary to what you recommend. Any comments?

    John Wafford.


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