How To Pinstripe – Learn To Pinstripe Your Car – Simple Vinyl Pin Striping Techniques


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In this short post I will basically cover what I talk about in the video plus a few other options you have when it comes down to pin-striping your vehicle.

Vinyl Pinstripe (the easiest to apply and master) with a little practice of course, is fun, cheap and it doesn’t look bad. When most auto body shops are asked to pinstripe a car …they use Prostripe. Prostripe is a well known brand, and has been around for ages. I mean, I remember putting this stuff on bike tanks when I was 13 years old!

You can get them in a variety of colors and thicknesses. For colors and styles… you can get pearls, flake and just about any color you can imagine. I have used some with flake and pearls and they look very nice too! The only down side with pinstripe and effects like pearl and flake, is that they are a little harder to flex and make tight bends.

With basic colors such as white, black, red etc… there are no extras in it to keep it hard. So flexibility is easily achieved. This is important to think of when doing tight graphics that will require you to bend your stripping a lot.

Overall this stuff is great and easy to learn. I would recommend to practice with this type of striping first before moving on to the “paint style of pinstriping”. I was never really the artist, so I actually never really got into this type of striping so I really can’t say that much about it. 🙂

The best advice is to learn from the masters themselves… buy there books, and dvds. Then watch for hours. And most IMPORTANTLY….

Just Do It! and Practice!

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