1 Tip: Adjusting Your Spray Gun – Automotive Spray Gun Setup For Painting Door Jambs

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I got a quick question from one of our VIP members. He’s painting door jambs on his car and didn’t want to buy a smaller touch-up gun to get into those tight areas.

So he asked me, “Tony, can I use the regular 904HE to do my door jambs?”

I’m like, “Yeah, absolutely.”

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All you have to do is narrow your fan width. But you have to understand that when you narrow your fan width, you’re going to get more of a stream-lined pressure that’s going to come out at a stronger pace.

So at regular fan width, that almost-wide-open, you will be spraying at about 28 to 29 PSI when you’re doing basecoat/clearcoat.

When you narrow that down to about a 2.5 to 3-inch fan pattern, you should lower your pressure down to about 24 to 25 PSI.

And don’t get too close to your door jamb. You should be about, I would say, 8-10 inches away because it’s going to be tight in there that’s why you still want some pressure so you can blow the paint in there.

Make sure you watch the video because I show a live demo on the correct spray gun setup for painting door jambs. I hope you like it!

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