Thank You YouTube Fans & Subscribers!! 10 Million YouTube Views On

Hey! What’s Up!

I’m making this special video to say Thank You to all of you, our YouTube Fans and Subscribers for 10 Million YouTube Views on ‘s channel, all the Likes, Shares, Comments, and all of your support!

I really appreciate it. It’s a BIG thing that we hit 10 million views. I really want to thank all of you.

I’m finishing up the little wires on our Yamaha YSR 50 project. It’s all painted. I did a little bit of buffing to it.

I’ll put the DG pipe bar which I just got it in the mail. I got a used one on eBay for about half the price. So  instead of putting the stock on, I got this cool thing to put on.

We’ll flush up the gas tank, hook everything back up and crank it…then do a little test drive.

By the way, I saw this cool Harley motorcycle in Ft. Worth, it looked like a cow with bull horns on it. The dude had a 6-shot revolver all chromed-out right on the side of his gas tank and it looked ridiculously awesome! I got the idea to do something like that.

I took a picture of it so I can show it to you.

Go watch the video to see more. I also have two very special guests who want to say Thank You for all your support that made us hit the 10 Million views mark.

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That’s it! I hope you guys keep watching, liking, sharing, commenting until we hit the next 10 million views again. 🙂

I’d love to hear from you, too. So share your thoughts in the comments below. Maybe you have some good suggestions for future videos we can make.




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