The Basic Way to Fix any PAINT CHIPS on your Car – Autobody Q&A

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QUESTION: How can I go by fixing paint chips?

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So like one of the ways is to basically feather them out. If you have a couple of paint chips on the car, what you’re going to do is use the tip of your DA and you can just hit it with a good angle.

A good angle like one way and then go the other way, make a T. Then flat to basically feather the chips out into the paint. 

The other thing you could do is just sand the whole thing down. If you want to just go flat all the way you can just do that, prime it.

What you could also do is hit it with a rougher paper maybe like a 320 grit. Then if they were painted multiple times or deep chips you can just put some glazing putty over it, one way and the other way. Make sure they fill in the blocks handed out but it depends on the paint chips, it depends where they are or how much you got.

And if you have a lot of them across the whole front of the hood of a car it’s best if you just take it down to metal and then start from a scratch primer. But if you have like a couple of paint chips and they’re super deep you could also fill them with spot putty.


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