How To Repair Damaged Clear Coat: Car Painting Tips – Autobody Q&A

Do you have a car with a chipped or scratched clear coat? If so, then this post is just for you. In this session, we’ll discuss how to fix a damaged clear coat and provide some tips for painting your vehicle here on Autobody Q&A.

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Question: I had a foreign object fall into my clear coat like a leaf how do I fix it?

The only way to fix it is to basically take it out as best as you can with some tweezers or your nails. Then flooded with a little extra clear coat, color sand, and buff it. If it’s really bad, and it really screwed it up.

You might have to repaint it, It depends. But the main thing is to flood it with a clear coat a good couple of times after you take it out because there’s going to be an intention of clear that you need to fill up.

Most times, if it’s not that bad, you could just cut it and buff it after you fill it. Let it sit for two to three days. Let it cure well then cut it, block it out, and buff it.

Question: I have a 73′ Mach , original single stage paint that is very dull. I took it to a professional detailer said little material. Can I clear coat over then buff it? suggestion? 

If you have such an old car with original paint like that, I definitely wouldn’t clear coat it, because the paint is so old. I would just sand it and buff it. Why don’t you just 2000 it, take off the oxidation, the grime, the dirt. 

You might want to if you’re going to sand it I don’t think you have to clay bar it. However,  if you’re not going to sand it, clay bar it first and then buff it, but I would sand it to take off the grime.

Clay bar is going to take off the grime too, but if you sand that, you’re going to get more of the grind and you’re going to do a better job. Get some 2000 grit, just go in circles, and just kind of sand. You can go straight circle in some areas, just wash it down with 2000 grit, you could even go 1500 grit, wash it all down, and then buff it out.

I wouldn’t clear coat it like if you’re thinking to clear coating. I would just prep it and paint it, just put some fresh paint on it if you’re going to go that far. You might as well put and get it prepped up. Put some good clear coat, base coat, and clear coat on it.


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