Recommended PSI Settings For Spraying Primer, Basecoat, and Clear || Autobody Q&A

Hi, guys! Tony here from and Paradice Garage. Thank you for joining me live and for checking my Blog. in this session, you’ll know what PSI setting I recommend for painting your car and more answered questions about Auto Body and Paint.

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Question: Can you give the correct PSI settings for primer, basecoat, and clearcoat?

it depends on the spray gun. Normally with any high volume low pressure or low volume low pressure with your trigger pull. If your trigger is pulled and you’re reading the gauge, you want to make sure you’re spraying at about (22 to 24 PSI for “primer”), (23 to 26 for the “basecoat”), give or take, and for (“clearcoat”, 24 to 25)  trigger pulled. So trigger pulled then you look at the gauge if you have an analog gauge or a digital gauge.

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Question: The digital air regulator has a “set to zero” on it. The regulator always has air pressure coming through the hose. When would this be set? Would it be true that you set it to zero, then hook it up?

You do not have to set the air regulator to zero. Don’t worry about it. The only time you set the Digital Regulator is the same way you set an analog trigger pulled. Set, turn your dial, tighten it or loosen it to make sure you have about 24 to 25 psi when spraying basecoat that’s where you want to be. You could go lower when spraying primers especially if you have a larger tip size of 1.8 or 2.0 tip size.

Question: What PSI to spray the flake out of the Upol gun because the nozzle is so big and it’s dry so you don’t overdo it?

I was using 15/16 pounds. I mean it just comes right out. So 15/16 pounds and just dusting it. just lays on it comes out like a cloud of dust and it just lays on your panel. Anywhere around there if you could go higher but it’s just gonna make a mess.  It does make a mess, that’s the only thing I don’t like about it. You just get glitter all over your garage. I don’t like that because I got dogs, I’ve got my kids around, I just don’t like metal particles flying around my garage but it is what it is.

Hopefully, this Live Autobody Q&A helps you out again with your Autobody Projects. Mahalo!

– Tony

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