Fiberglass Sanding Tips Before Painting Base/Clear or Candy – Auto Body Q&A

What’s up guys! Tony here hanging out with you today at Paradice Garage. I will give you some Tips on Fiberglass Sanding Before Painting Base/Clear or Candy, and let’s have a quick AutoBody Q&A. For those who are not VIP yet, secure your LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP slot now and be part of the #BossPainter community!

How to get rid Pinholes in Fiberglass?

So what I wanted to talk about while sanding this was pinholes in fiberglass are super common. I already sanded this with the DA, 400 dry sand super quickly.

One way of getting rid of pinholes is basically to just keep sanding. I could keep sanding with the DA. It depends on how deep the pinholes are, sometimes they’re so deep. It might be easier just to get some glaze putty and just fill them while you’re filling other chips.

If it’s not the only one, you got to do multiple chips on different panels. While you’re doing those chips. It’s sometimes easier to just fill these up. And then you water sand it flat and then prime it.

To get the panel super perfectly good, you could prime it after you glaze putty it. You’re gonna need some priming done.

We’re gonna be painting this Honda Grom bike, I would say this week. We’re gonna be doing some candy.

I have to pop off the rims and tires today and we’re going to clean it up, sand them up because we’re painting the rims. 

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Tony here from Paradice Garage!

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