What Causes Solvent Pop or Fisheye? Auto Body Q&A 🚗

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Tony B. Richie is back with another auto body Q&A live session and today’s focus is fixing unattractive little craters in your paint finish.

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Highlight Question:

” I followed your videos on proper sanding, from applying bondo and primer filler to my truck project. I used Atom X88 with 1.4 tip and painted with Shopline single-stage paint with appropriate reducer and hardener. The pressure is set at 26 PSI then I used wax and grease remover followed by wiping the parts with a tack cloth prior to painting. My portable garage is well ventilated and also properly cleaned. I had several runs and may have put the paint on too thick, is this what caused the solvent pop, or is it fisheye on my truck?”

Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun

The result you have is a fisheye and nothing to do with a paint gun, clear coat, pressure setting, or surface contamination. What you have to do is re-prime it with a good 2k filler primer and block it out, for instance.

If you’re having problems getting that fisheye out, it is important to use 220 or 240 grit to just get it down quickly to save you some time. Most importantly, you have to make sure you clean it really well.

“After single stage paint, I’m planning on adding clearcoat w/ micro silver and mini gold flake, will I need to sand down the single-stage prior to clearcoat.”

Definitely, sand the single-stage down with 800 grit. Also, it is advisable to use a water filter to avoid 99.9% of moisture on your paint.

After epoxy, priming a large area of bare metal, is it necessary to also later prime with 2k filler?

No, it’s not necessary but recommended. First, you should spray a 2k filler primer on top of that. If you do it within 2- 3 days, you don’t have to sand it, however, if you wait any longer about a 48-hour window, sand it quickly and scuff it up.

You could use any grit like 320 then put 2 coats of filler 2k primer on top of that. It will give you a good solid primer to block out.

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It’s a chill-out session on today’s live auto body Q&A entitled, “What Causes Solvent Pop or Fisheye?”. If you enjoyed watching this video, go ahead and check out some other resources below! 

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