The Correct Way To Paint Metallic Clear Coat: Auto Body Q&A ๐Ÿ‘

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Hey, itโ€™s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A session. Todayโ€™s focus is the Correct Way To Paint Metallic Clear Coat. 

Iโ€™m getting pretty excited and feeling really good because my office is pretty much done and our 2-week quarantine is over! Yay! ๐Ÿ˜

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Question: Can I refinish over the powder-coated finish?

Yes, absolutely. You just need to sand it down with 400-grit before you prime. You can also base coat over powder coat. 

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Question: I just finished my paint job Candy Red with a Metallic clear 3 coats can I wet sand metallic clear starting with 1200, 1500 and 2000 and thoughts?

Yes, definitely. I hope you put a regular clear coat on your candy because you will not be sanding candy. Since candy is a mid-coat.

If you have metallic flake in your clear coat, you can sand it and buff it out. However, you could have just mixed metallic and candy. You can cut it down to 1200-grit and if you want to be a little aggressive, you can cut it down to 1000-grit, 1500-grit up to 3000-grit. Then, buff it all out to have beautiful finishes. 

Question: I couldnโ€™t shoot the clear because of the hurricane Douglas. Do I wet sand or dry sand with 400?

Either way, youโ€™re going to get dry dust or wet milky film. I like wet sanding but it really depends on your preference. You just need to make sure that you wipe everything down including the area behind your panels before you clear it. 

Itโ€™s Tony B. Richie and I hope you enjoyed todayโ€™s session. I know we got cut off in this session so Iโ€™m really sorry but Iโ€™ll come back next week for a longer one! 

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  1. When you chatting with me (Terry) about the Candy Red I wasnt trying to confuse you but Yes, the Clear coat comes with a fine metallic in the paint. I did remove the cone filter from the gun and i did strain the metallic Clear coat. In my first attempt at laying down the Metallic Clear I didnt strain it and laid down really heavy meaning more metallic laid down than I liked. 2nd attempt after straining the clear laid down perfect no runs or dry spots I couldnt be more please. Once Im done with my final wet sanding I’ll make sure I post photos on the FB page. Thanks for all your help


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