Beginner’s Guide To Spray Painting A Car: Autobody And Paint Q&A

Hey, it’s Tony. Thanks for watching the video and checking out the blog today. Giving you a Beginner’s Guide to Spray Painting your own car and answering some AutoBody questions to help you out with your Car Projects.

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QUESTION: I have never painted before, terrified that I will totally mess it up. Any suggestions to do my first paint project?

You don’t have to be afraid of it, you have to do it. Eventually, if you start doing projects you’re gonna make a mistake at some point. To avoid that I would definitely check out this link Grab the free video training and PDF. If you want to get more in-depth, check out the VIP Program, That’s offered on the next page at a special discount, if you want to check that out.

So again, you can’t be terrified because you will mess up either I mess up, I consider myself somebody who’s been doing this for a very long time. Professional pretty much and I make mistakes.

I think a professional is not somebody who doesn’t make mistakes because we all make mistakes or something pops up unexpectedly. It’s how you react to that mistake and how you fix it. Because there are ways to fix things without totally going down to ground zero and starting all over again.

There are ways to salvage a messed-up paint job, which is in between, especially in base coats, however, If you’re doing clear coats or candies or using pearls, and you run pearls in a clear coat, then you really can’t fix that unless it dries and you start all over again. 

QUESTION: How do I get around dry spray in my clearcoat? I spray my top boot roof and bonnet, but by the time I spray my sides it goes on as dry spray as the tops are already tacking off.

So the number one thing when spraying a clear coat is you want to make sure it’s laying on wet. If it looks dry, go back to it immediately and wet it you know people are not putting enough clear coat or paint on your projects, which is why it’s coming out dry.

Then don’t use an el-cheapo $50, $30, $75 cheapo spray gun, use a medium grade. If you can afford it, I like ATOM-X Spray Guns. You can check this one out -the Bluemoon by ATOM-X at and that’s another important thing. Get a good medium-grade gun, you don’t have to get an $800 spray gun. 

The other thing is -lighting. It is super important because when you can see directly what you’re painting and how it’s flowing out, you’re going to have an easier time. Because if you can’t see and this GUNBUDD totally eliminates shadows when you’re painting. It’s probably the coolest tool and invention out there when it comes to painting. 

This comes from the top when you’re painting its lights on the whole panel. There’s no direct reflection on it and it works check out the AMAZON reviews guys. Amazing product GUNBUDD -check it out. It’s a good tool to add to your spray gun fits on any spray gun cup, mini or large and it works like gangbusters.

QUESTION: So I’m working on a 1939 Graham. it’s been in my shop for a total rebuild for a couple of years now. It is almost ready to go but the paint is showing “shop scratches”. I plan on just washing, clay bar, and DA polishing. The blending question was for blending a clear coat after sanding?

If you’re blending clear-coat into the clear coat, you could have your panel sanded with about 1500 grit. And you could color blend your clear coat into that, let it dry and then buff it out. You can also just use a reducer, clear coat reducer mixed with your clear coat for about 25% clear coat or 30% clear coat then 70% reducer. 

Just be careful when you’re using that much reducer, you’re going to want to spray it far from the panel, high PSI (25 PSI), and just missed it because of its reduced viscosity,  it’s going to be very thin. And if you get close to it, it’s going to run really really fast.

So just be careful when blending, we have blending via VIP videos in learn auto body. if you want to check that out. Don’t forget to check out the VIP section and learn autobody. We’re going to be doing more videos like that as well. We’re going to be adding more videos to VIP in the coming months.

Thank you, guys!



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