How To Paint Chrome Bumpers: Know The Process – AutoBody Q&A

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Question: What’s the best paint type to do my front truck grill and bumper? It’s plastic chrome on my 96 Dodge Ram I just painted. I want it all to match in white.

If it is plastic chrome you could scuff it for maybe a 120 – 150 grit. Scuff it up then you could throw some 2k filler primer directly on top of it. You could even put an Epoxy Primer, it doesn’t matter.

It’s plastic then I would sand that flat with 400 grit (wet sand) and you could just paint it. Paint it directly over sanded chrome plastic.

Question: ​I want to paint my car gloss white but in sections on different days. Is there anything I can mess up and have the car come out in 2 different shades?

Not really! If you’re going with a stock color where you’re not customizing anything, putting pearl, flake, or anything you should be fine. I would just mix up your paint really well in its original can right before you mix it.

If it’s been sitting for a while, you’ll start to get a little thickness at the bottom and it starts to settle. Just make sure you mix your paint very well first and then you go ahead mix your little batches of paint if you’re doing a quart for a couple of parts.

You should be fine if it’s a stock solid or metallic color.

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Question: How would you paint chrome bumper?

It’s the same as any other process. You’re going to sand the chrome bumper down with 80-100 grit, scuff it up. You might go down to the copper or the bronze in between the plating but that’s okay.

Just scuff everything down and then you want to put an Epoxy Primer on it followed by two coats of filler primer, block sand it flat.

You could even sand it with your hands, just make sure you get it flat, and then you can put your base coat clear coat on top of that or a single stage. It depends on what kind of paint you’re using but you could put any paint on top of that.

If you want to go the extra mile after the 2k filler, you could put a sealer on it, right before you spray to give it an extra better foundation.

But it’s not needed, you’re still going to get a killer finish with finishing off and painting over a 2k filler primer that’s been sanded out and blocked out properly.

Question:I’m redoing a jeep for my wife, she wants to change the color of the dash and door panels. What do I use to paint it with? it’s hard plastic.

If it is hard plastic, you can use automotive paint. You could use regular automotive paint. You could use any color and you could do a flat or you could do it gloss. I would just make sure that after you sand the hard plastic down, you use the Bulldog Adhesion Promoter.

You just put a couple of sprays on it. You don’t have to wet it go crazy, just hit it, give it some overspray and you could put a filler primer on top of it. First is to prep it, block it, and then paint it.

Question: I repaired a work truck box. Do I need to do more than epoxy primer before I spray in bed liner?

No, you could spray bed liner right over Epoxy primer if you want. 

Question: I’m getting ready to paint my front clip. What grit sandpaper do I use to prep it? It also needs some Bondo work.

You want to prep and paint over 400 grit. If the paint job of the bumper is nice and the clear coat is everything looks good, you just need to scuff it. You don’t even need to cut the clear coat off. Just need to scuff it with 400 grit and then you could blast it. 

If you’re doing Bondo and bodywork it’s different. You’re going to need to scuff the area with like a 100 grit or 80 grit, then put your filler on it and after that cut down. Use like a 240 grit or a 150 grit, you could prime that and then block it out.



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