Recommended Air Compressor For Car Painting: AutoBody Q&A

What’s up guys! Tony here from and Paradice Garage. One of our topics today is giving some ideas about “Air Compressor for Car Painting”. Hope this video helps you with your AutoBody and Paint working projects. Get Free Auto Body Training Guides and Videos here and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to his YT channel.

Question: Working with metallic BC, what PSI range works best for bringing out the metallic?

The metallic will be there. So normally, you want to spray basecoat, trigger pulled at anywhere from 20 to 26 PSI in that area. That’s where you want to be spraying your basecoats at.

Make sure it’s laying down flat even with no orange peel. You don’t want to get it on super wet like you’re spraying a basecoat or clearcoat.

Question: First timer, opening my own custom car shop. Going all out. Want to spend about $1500 for an air compressor, any advice anybody?

Go to Lowe’s and pick up their 60-gallon air compressor.

I have one set up here. It’s a Kobalt, a rebrand, they get it from the same company – the Campbell Hausfeld. 

Just the same exact thing but a rebranded to Kobalt, a great air compressor. It’s quiet which I like and it works really really well. And the best thing is, it was like under 1000 bucks. It was like 800 bucks 850 give or take.

Question: Just sprayed a couple of fenders, came out pretty good but definitely needs good wet sand and buff. Any recommendations or tips on a good buffer?

There are few brands out there and expensive (forgot the brand name of the one) but I have a Hitachi. I have an old-school snap-on.

Look at TorQ on Amazon, I would definitely recommend a wool pad for your compounding stage. And then use a foam pad for the finishing – the Polish, the glaze, and protected.

But definitely, if you want more info on that I would definitely check out

Question: What PSI should I spray with Atom X27 and how far away should I spray? 

Grab the free book and training because we cover that in our free training videos and resources and PDFs. So just check that out, download that manual. And there’s also going to be a special to join VIP if you want to. 

But normally, you want to be spraying with at about you know 24 to 29 PSI depending if you’re doing basecoat, clearcoat. And you’re going to be around 6 to 8 inches away from the panel.

It depends, sometimes you’re going to be farther away because you have to narrow the fan to make it a small little two-inch radius so you can get into like a body kit and hit around you know certain hidden areas inside.

Question: What’s the shelf life for gallon primer?

A long time. If it’s sealed closed in a can it could last for years. But when you open it up, it will be separated inside.

So you got to make sure to start up really well with your stick. Just mix it really well for like 10 minutes unless you have a mixer or take it to somebody who has those shaker mixers.

Question: Do you use Bondo on a cracked spoiler?

It depends where it is, where the crack is. If you’re doing any type of molding, I would definitely use Epoxy. But if you’re doing like spoiling -the crack is on top, you could use Bondo but normally I like to use epoxies. 

Panel bonding epoxies, 3m makes one. It’s a very good epoxy and it doesn’t crack. Bondo can crack, especially in areas and places where you have a lot of flex, the corners.

(If you’re molding a body kit into a Fiberglass body kit or a Plastic body kit into a Metal, a Quarter Panel, or Rocker Panel) you want to make sure to use Epoxy to bond it, you’re going to get a stronger bond.



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