What Causes Chemical Reactions In Your Car Paint Job? – Plus More Auto Body Q&A

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QUESTION: What causes a chemical reaction? 

The number one cause for a chemical reaction is a contaminated or surface dirty surface. Either you got oils on your panels, grease, road grime, and things like that.

So you want to make sure your panels are clean before you start sanding your project. This is why it’s super important to decrease your panels.

You can use a wax and grease remover but number one, wash your car with a non-wax, non-silicone carwash or detergents like dish soap very little. Wash your car down and get it all clean.

Or you might even want to power wash some areas under your hood, the carriage, or whatever you want to do. Then you can start sanding after it’s dried.

The same thing through every process before priming, you want to make sure you want to wax and grease remove it before spraying. Tack it down before you spray.

So the thing is to make sure your panels are clean, have no chemical reaction, and also depend on your environment. You want to make sure your neighbor is not spraying WD-40.

Also if you have a mechanic as a neighbor who’s working on car stuff spraying WD-40 or silicone or something that overspray in the air will get onto your panels and give you a chemical reaction.

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QUESTION: Do you need to be fully certified before you can open a shop?

No, you don’t, you just open up a shop. If you know how to do good quality auto body paint repair, you can open up a shop. We’ve had so many VIP members go through our auto body course, learn auto body and basically open up their own auto body shops after going through our training. So you might want to check that out at Learnautobodyandpaint.com.

QUESTION: (1) Tony thinking about getting this inflatable paint booth online but the one I saw online was 26x15x10 but it was 78 bucks, but I saw one on eBay the same size that was 1,000. Gonna get the one for 78.

Try it out. Just make sure you don’t do it when it’s raining because I heard a lot of these inflatable paint booths leak water through the skylights through the stitching on the skylights. So make sure that you’re not doing it when it’s raining out. 

(2) It comes with three blowers. Just bought the high-volume low-pressure gun kit from Harbor Freight last weekend. I don’t have a big air compressor, though the CFM on the spray guns is higher, I have a low-volume low-pressure 1.3.

Try it out let me know and if you’re unhappy with those Harbor Freight guns definitely look into the ATOM-X Spray Guns that I use and that I recommend to all of my members and non-members because they are just awesome spray guns.

QUESTION: Can paint with a propane or infrared heater running in my garage and not worry about the overspray turning me into the human torch?

You don’t have to worry as long as you have good ventilation, so it’s not just heating your garage up with overspray. Make sure you have a fan blowing out your overspray as well

If you want to eliminate overspray so you can actually see as well and talking about seeing clearly while painting, you guys might also want to check out the GunBudd Ultra Lighting System

This product here is getting amazing reviews on Amazon. I’ve been talking about it it’s a great product. I’ve sprayed cars in complete darkness. With this attachment here that you put on any spray gun. It’s a Universal Lighting System that you can put on your spray gun and it eliminates total shadows you get 100% color matching. 

You could spray candies, flakes, pearls, and everything better with this special light attachment that goes on your spray gun, Check that thing out. 

So again, yes, you won’t have to worry about a propane lighting up the paint. It will not ignite like that with overspray just make sure you have good ventilation as well sucking that overspray out of your painting area. 

QUESTION: Any tips on removing 3m tape that’s stuck in my car? I left the tape on the car for more than 3 months.

If you do not want to do that the only way to really get it off you could use lacquer thinner on a rag (but it’s only on glass and trim). That’s pretty much the only stuff that will take it off. 

But if you don’t want to use something as hard as harsh as lacquer thinner, you could use our reducer, a basecoat reducer, and a clear coat reducer on a rag. Just wipe it off, not strong enough to take it off. But that’s the only stuff that really takes all the glue off quickly. 

Again, if you’re using lacquer thinner you don’t want to just keep it on the area a long time. You might peel up the paint if you like to wet a rag with thinner and you drop it on the car and you leave it, it will eat up your paint. So just be careful.

QUESTION: I want to spray some wheels, should I sand the wheels down with 400 or 800 grit?

For prepping wheels, I would go with 400 grit and then you could put primer on that or you could depending on the surface. If it’s aluminum, you’re gonna want to put some epoxy primer on top of that. 

QUESTION: I’m looking to turn my back garage into a paint booth. I need to insulate it but do you have an exhaust fan and lighting recommendations? 

As far as lighting recommendations, you can use any type of fluorescent lighting. I have a lot of fluorescent bulbs on my ceiling on the sides. You can use LED lights if you want but number one I think you should definitely look into the GunBudd because that just lights up directly, it’s an AWESOME product.

But as far as a fan recommendation, I did post a video on the blog at Learnautobodyandpaint.com. 


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