Setting Up Your Spray Gun and Fan Settings: Auto Body Q&A 👍

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Hey, it’s Tony B. Richie and I’m sorry for the technical difficulties earlier but the show must go on! 

We are back and live again. Today’s highlight is the question on Setting Up Your Spray Gun and Fan Settings.

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Let’s move on with the auto body questions.

Question: What are the best products to use to prime and paint the under body?

You don’t need to prime it if you use a product called the Raptor Liner. Remember to scuff it and get it down to metal, media blast, sand it, treat any rust with vinegar and water and scuff it again. Lastly, use the Raptor Liner which I personally use on my projects.

It’s a great product and used on under body. It’s a heavy rubberized undercoating which you can do truck beds as well.

Watch the video as Tony shows you and gives you a demo on setting up your spray gun. He’s holding the Atom X88 Infinity Spray Gun which will be available on Zoolaa soon!

Another thing, one of the reasons for spray gun failure is not properly cleaning your spray guns. Another reason is taking the gun apart more than they need to. 

Continue watching the video as I show you which parts to take off when cleaning. Check out this blog on Cleaning your Atom Spray Gun – Grab Your Atom X Series Spray Gun Now!

Question: How many coats of clear do you recommend for an average paint job?

An average paint job requires two heavy coats of clear coat. You need to go around the car with a nice coat then finish it off with another heavy coat. Three coats is going the extra mile.

Question: Can you put bondo over primer?

Yes you can. You just need to make sure that your bondo is scuffed up with 80-150-grit.

Question: Can you blend sealer with basecoat?

I’m not sure what you meant by this but these are two separate products. If you meant tint, then you can tint your sealer. You can buy tinted sealers to get close to your base coat and put the base over it.

Question: Are box fans safe enough and explosion proof? 

Yes, definitely. I’ve been doing it and you will not blow anything up with your clear coat. 

Question: How do I use the flake or pearl in painting?

If you’re a newbie to using flakes and pearls, you can add it to your intercoat clear coat. Spray your base coat. Then mix up a pint of your intercoat with a teaspoon full of pearl or flake. Mix it up and give your project an even coat of it. Then lastly, put two coats of clear coat.  

Thanks everyone for joining me today despite the stream challenges we’re having today. 

This is Tony B. Richie. I was 13 years old when I painted my first motorcycle and 15 years old when I painted my first car. 😉

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