The Perfect Temperature to Paint In: Auto Body Q&A🌤️

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Hey, it’s Tony B Richie streaming live again with today’s session entitled The Perfect Temperature to Paint In: Auto body Q&A.

How is everybody doing? I hope everyone’s doing well amidst the chaos around the world. Let’s go ahead with the Q&A.

Question: Can you explain if there’s a formula for the use of fast, medium, slow accelerators / reducers? Is there a temperature range for each?

A medium reducer / medium hardener is used within the 75-88 degrees temperature range. The hotter it gets the slower reducer needs to be used.

If it’s hot and you’re using a medium reducer, your clearcoat will dry instantly. It won’t have time to flow out and it will look dry.

On the other hand, in colder weather between 60-65 degrees temperature range, you’ll need either a medium or fast reducer. 

Fast reducers are mainly used for 75-85 degrees and when doing touch-up jobs or smaller projects like bumper cover or quarter panel.

I don’t like painting below 70 degrees. Sometimes I paint in around 65 degrees but I use a medium reducer and it takes a while to dry, but if I’m not in a rush I can wait when the temperature is up around 75-85 degrees as this for me is the perfect temperature to paint in.

Question: Do you have to use a hardener in a base coat?

No. It’s mostly a reducer that you use in a base coat. Even in single-stage paint. 

Question: Is it necessary to stay with the same brand of base coat and clear coat when you’re painting?

No. You can use any brand of base coat over any brand of clear coat. You don’t need to stay with the same brand.

Question: What pressure should we use with the 2.0 tip when spraying primer or filler primer?

You’ll need a lower pressure because you don’t need too much atomization. You’ll use around 24-25 psi however, at times that may be a little too much.

It depends on the temperature and the mixture of the primer. Remember, it’s all about seeing how the primer is laying on your panel. You need to make sure that you’re laying on a glossy thick coat.

Question: Do I need to use an intercoat clear to do my ghost flames or just thin down regular clear?

If you are a seasoned painter and are confident that you won’t have runs, you can just use your clear coat to do your ghost effect, then go ahead and spray it. 

You need to wait for your clear to set up before you unmask it. I’d recommend using an intercoat to be on the safe side.

If you’re doing a fade of pearl or flake and not cutting into your paint job with hard lines with graphics or flames, then you’re good with just the clear coat. 

On the other hand, you’ll want to use an intercoat if you’re doing those flames. Also, I would never thin down a clear coat. You’ll use full mixture.

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