How To Get Better CLEARCOAT FLOW OUT: Tips and Advise 👈

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another Q&A video. Today’s topic is all about How To Get Better CLEARCOAT FLOW OUT. Here’s a question from a subscriber from Mark Braham from Jamaica. 

I’m from Jamaica and I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for quite a while now. My question is, how can I get better flow quality when using clear coats that don’t use a reducer?”

He’s talking about basic clear coats with probably a 4:1 mixture and not 4:1:1. I’d think the reasons for getting problems with flow out are the following: 

1. Using a crappy spray gun.

2. Temperature settings

3. Flow out of the gun; how you’re applying the clear coat on the panel. Spraying too fast or too slow.

4. Pressure settings – If you’re spraying too low of a pressure, you’re not getting the correct atomization. On the other hand, if you’re spraying too high, you’re putting too much on the panel. 

Make sure you’re using a decent spray gun. It doesn’t have to be a top of the line brand like Sata or Iwata. However, I would not recommend using a cheap $50 spray gun. Go for medium-grade spray guns such as the Atom Spray Guns

These are the only ones that we use in the shop. Check them out on Zoolaa. I’ve been using these spray guns for three years now and they’re giving fantastic results on my projects.

You get top of the line craftsmanship and performance at a fraction of the cost of the top of the line brands are going for in the market.

The accessories on Zoolaa are also great. I’d recommend checking out the Gun Budd. It lights up your panel while you paint. It’s an awesome product.

Another thing you have to make sure is that you have the correct pressure settings. I normally want to set my gun trigger pulled, which means air is coming out, to about 28-29 PSI with full open throttle fluid flow.

I’m assuming you know how to mix with your temperatures. If you’re spraying in a high temperature environment, you’ll want a slow activator so it won’t dry quickly on your panel. You need to give it some time to cure. 

On the other hand, if you’re spraying in a colder environment, you’d want to use a medium temperature activator. 

If you’re doing spot repairs and touch-ups, you can do a fast activator in a 70 or even 90-degree environment.

I’d also recommend you paint the first thing in the morning. I don’t recommend painting during the mid-day like 12 noon to about 2pm where it gets really hot.

You’re not going to get a good flow out if your paint is drying quickly than it should. You’ll get a dye back which means it’s not too glossy as it should be. It’s dull looking.

Also, use a good clear coat. Don’t use cheap clears. The Tamco Paints have good clears. You can also go for high end clears like House of Kolor. Tamco Premium Paints are also available on Zoolaa.

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