Can You Two Tone a Single Stage Paint Job With Base and a 2k Clearcoat? πŸ€”

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Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint with another video for the Q&A series. Today’s topic is Can You Two Tone a Single Stage Paint Job? Here’s a question from John.

β€œTony, I have a 1994 GMC and just painted it victory red. I used a single-stage of coat enamel and I’m thinking of adding some black to it as well. Should I use a two-stage and clear the whole truck or use another single-stage to hide the paint lines in a crease?”

I  recommend using a two-stage and you can absolutely put a 2K clear on top of it. 

You need to sand it down really well with 800 or 1000-grit. Then, do your black stripe and lay your 2-3 coats of 2K clear coat. I think white graphics would look good on this thing but it might be too fire truck looking. 

But, definitely use a two-stage clear to do the whole truck and bury your enamel. It will be easier because it’s going to lay on thinner and immediately dry. You can clear coat right on top of that. 

You can probably buy a quart of base coat and quart of black base to give you half a gallon of paintable material to play with. 

Mask up your lines and get a base to base it down. Base whatever graphics you want. You can even sand those lines down with 1500-grit. Wash them down with water, tack and put some clear coat.

I don’t recommend using wax and grease remover because it will eat away your base coat. 

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hop you enjoyed this video on Can You Two Tone a Single Stage Paint Job? and hope as well that it gave you some tips on how to do two-tone kind of mixture with a single-stage paint.

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  1. Tony. Richard Kent here. I joined your club, the cheapest one for that is the only one I could afford. I asked is I could use rustoleum to paint my 1970 vw van. I don’t have an expensive gun. My brother painted a vw car and it came out great. He have alot of water sanding for he did it out side. My question is – I want to paint rustoleum so I don’t have to clear coat. Got a 60 gallon compressor and I did all body work. Fills really smooth with my hands with my eyes closed. Can you give me some advice. I’ve painted machines with a single stage and no runs


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