$1 Sushi and Ramen Shopping 失

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Its Tony B. Richie and were going to a $1 Sushi and Ramen Shopping 失 Yum!

Its a beautiful day in Japan. Were going to a $1 sushi place so lets go check it out. 

When you eat five plates, you just put it in here and you get to play a game and win one of those balls in that box on top for the kids. The sushi is very delicious!

Now, were here at the shopping center. Its fully loaded with a lot of stuff. Check out the duck and liver my wife and Mayah are holding. In the meantime, Ally is just peacefully sitting on her stroller. 弘

Check out all the nice looking meats here. Do they look delicious or what?

Mayah is stacking up on cup noodles. We have a lot in the basket like sauce, cup noodles, carrots and other snacks.

Now were back home from shopping and I just want to show you some of the dry stuff we bought from the grocery.

We bought all sorts of cup ramen, however we dont eat a lot of those but we just want to stock up on those in case one of us gets hungry. We can just open up one and pour water and eat.

The first thing we got is 12 types of soup. These are little miso pouches. 

Now we have okonomiyaki which is like a Japanese pancake. Its not like a breakfast pancake but its more like a meal where you put cabbage, bacon, some fish shavings and some sauce like the Teriyaki sauce and Mayo. Its popular in Osaka. 

We now have a bag of brown rice which Ally loves. We also have some pasta sauces. 

Then we have these cup noodles. Heres shoyu, udon and miso. Then we also have yakisoba noodles. We have a lot of other cup noodles.

Were also making some yakiniku tonight. Look at this meat over here. It looks so good. Yum!

Now heres something interesting. We have a bag of chicken ramen. This is the original brand that started the cup noodles. Then we also have super spicy ramen. 

These small packets can be eaten two ways. You can either put it in a cup and pour water or eat it like a snack. Check out Mayah eating one of these snacks!

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