Causes Of Solvent Pop In Paint: Auto Body Q&A 😞

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Hey, it’s Tony B. Richie with another session entitled Causes Of Solvent Pop In Paint:  Auto Body Q&A. 

Happy Easter everyone! Sorry again for the mishap and thanks for reminding me. I almost forgot this session. Sorry about it but truly appreciate all of you still being here despite the delay. 😅

Let’s move on with today’s Q&A.

Question: I have a convertible top with snaps on. How do I deal with all of the snaps when I’m repainting the whole car?

Normally, you can just take them off and put new snaps on. I’d recommend buying button snaps. 

I read one comment here asking about me being stuck here in Japan. It’s not really like that because I willingly came here to be with my wife and kid. In this time of pandemic, I also would like my entire family to be complete. I’m sure a lot of you will resonate with this. 😇

My next vlog will be our family trip we made to the mountains for a hot bath. It was an awesome feeling. ♨️

Question: I cleared my wife’s headlights. The first coat was perfect but the second one was cracked instantly. What did you think happened?

I’ve never heard of that or never encountered that to be honest. That’s very weird, but take a look at the clear you’re using as that might be the cause of the issue.

Question: I have a problem with solvent pop. What can I do to fix this?

Solvent pop is when it didn’t flash properly with the times. More often than not, the cause of solvent pop or other chemical reactions is a bad batch of clear coat, meaning it may be sitting for a while or if you’re not using the correct reducer or hardener.

Another cause of it may be your gun settings. It doesn’t atomize correctly and traps bubbles in the clear coat. 

Just remember that you need to properly clean your spray gun and use the correct materials for painting.

When you’re laying on your clear coat too quickly, it will most likely result in sags and running, so take note of that and take your time when you lay it on.

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Atom X16 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

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Some VIPs used this spray gun for their refrigerator and painted flames on it. It looked awesome.

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