Are Inflatable Spray Booths Any Good?: Auto Body Q&A 🎪

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Hi, it’s Tony with another Q&A session entitled, Are Inflatable Spray Booths Any Good? Great to see everyone now!

How’s everyone? Please stay at home and just stay tuned so you can learn more and be more productive while keeping safe at home. Let’s all pray that our country can flatten the curve and rebuild our economy. 

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Question: How long before the Atom x88 Infinity Spray Gun gets released?

It might take a while due to the crisis that we’re experiencing now. It will be launched in about 60-90 days, however I will let you know if we get something definite about it. It will be available on Zoolaa soon. 

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Question: What is your opinion about inflatable spray booths? Do you recommend them if a garage isn’t possible?

I have a lot of content on the inflatable spray booth that hasn’t been completed yet since I flew to Japan hastily. Once I get back to Hawaii, I will complete them together with all of my other projects that are all pending and left in Honolulu.

The versions that I know of need to be plugged in. They’re like the children’s bouncy playpens. You have to keep them plugged in to have them inflated. However, if you turn them off after you paint, it will literally crumble on your paint job. 

What others do is build a PVC frame so when it gets deflated, it won’t fall on your paint job. You can turn it off at the end of the day and don’t need to keep it plugged in and waste a lot of electricity. 

Question: I’m painting a 30-year old Honda hood, how many coats of paint would you recommend?

I would spray two coats of primer on it then block it down using 400-grit wet sand. Or, you can also use a DA sander with 320-grit and wash it down with 400-grit.

You’ll be using two to three coats of base coat and two to three coats of clear coat. I usually spray base until I get good coverage.

Question: What are the do’s and don’ts when applying medium-grade metallic base coats?

On the last coat when spraying metallic paint, I like to do a drop coat and crisscross my patterns, especially over panels. 

You need to make sure that it’s blending well with all your corners and adjacent panels. 

Question: Is there a kind of formula to figure out how much paint you need to do a vehicle?

Usually a 1-gallon single-stage kit is sufficient for a large car. For 15-passenger van, you might need a gallon and a quart or a gallon and a half. 

Keep in mind when painting a single stage, the mixing ratio is different. A gallon of enamel might give you a gallon and a half of sprayable paint (or a little bit more) once you add your reducer. 

On the other hand, a gallon of paint is enough for a two-stage paint to paint a full-size car. A gallon makes close to two gallons of sprayable paint.

Question: What PSI do you recommend when using the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun?

Atom X16 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

On basecoat, I recommend full width and fluid flow with 25-27 psi trigger-pulled.

The Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun is available on Zoolaa. I also recommend that you check out the GunBudd Ultra Lighting System. It’s an awesome way to light up your panels when painting. 

Thanks everyone for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed today’s session entitled, Are Inflatable Spray Booths Any Good?: Auto Body Q&A  🎪

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Guys, stay safe, clean and healthy! Let’s pray that this is over soon.

Talk soon! Cheers!


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