DIY Secrets: How To Paint & Custom Bodywork Your Car At Home in 23 Minutes! 🕺

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Hey, it’s Tony B. Richie with another video on DIY Secrets: How To Paint & Custom Bodywork Your Car At Home in 23 Minutes! 

I’m doing a quick little modification on this Mazda CX-5. I just took off the mirror caps and will make them red for a more sporty look then pull off the rear spoiler as well. 

Remember guys to always clean your projects before doing any bodywork! Using a simple degreaser will do the trick. 😉

Then, we’ll wet sand the parts with 400-grit sandpaper and continue cutting it to a dull finish. However, there’s no need to cut through the clear coat though.

You can prime it but this is so little so it won’t make a difference. You can paint right over it. Note that you can use a scotch brite pad but I prefer to use sandpaper.

We can then go ahead with mixing the red base coat followed by red candy. The ratio is 1:1 mixture. 

Don’t spray your first coat too thick from the start. Always dust your first coat to make sure that you won’t have any issues.

Then we’ll go ahead and use a fine line tape to outline graphics before masking and cutting. 

In my other videos, I showed you the effect of candy over silver. In this video, I’ll show you candy over red which gives you pretty much the same effect but darker.

If you’re new to spraying candy, I suggest that you start spraying over a similar base color so you can get used to spraying candy. It gives you more leeway and less chance for error. 

Don’t rush your project to get better results. Ideally, you can unmask your project after 30-40 minutes. Then tack before spraying clear or urethane candy coat.

Then, we’ll mix Brandy Wine Candy from HOK in the Quik Kup System, and spray with the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun. Both products are available on Zoolaa and Amazon. 

Atom Spray Gun with Quik Kup System on Zoolaa

Lay on 2 coats of clear coat using a 1.3 or a 1.4 tip at 28-30 PSI depending on the spray gun and materials used.

Check out the video and watch the clear flowout. 

When you spray, the clear will not look smooth immediately at times. It takes 1-2 minutes to flow out on its own.

Continue watching the video as I show you how glossy the pieces are with just 2 coats of clear coat. I put about 10% (or a little more) of reducer. See how we don’t have orange peel on paint. 👍 It came out fabulous! 

Here’s the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun we used to paint all of these pieces. You can use the same spray gun on both the base coat and clear coat.

Let’s move on to the second phase of the project and start putting back the parts. You can use Steel Wool X0000 to clean up your chrome. Then use the emblem adhesive glue to put the trim badges back on.

We’ll then add a custom hood scoop. 👌

I put heavy epoxy on the corner of the hood scoop and the rest with body filler to keep it from squeezing. Also watch how I use a paint stirrer to get on to tighter areas as a block. 😉

Note to spray 2-4 heavy coats of filler primer. Build it up, with proper flash times of 10-15 minutes. 

Then, block sand with 400-grit sandpaper before proceeding to paint your project. It’s great to also use your hands and palms on curved surfaces. 

I also used dolphin glaze for minor imperfections. One the glaze dries, which is usually about 20-30 minutes, proceed with wet or dry sanding using 400-grit sandpaper.

Now, watch how I use the GunBudd Ultra Lighting System with the Atom X27 Spray Gun and Quik Kup System on this project! Check out all of these products on Zoolaa now!

Atom X27 Spray Gun with GunBudd Lighting System on Zoolaa

The GunBudd Ultra Lighting System is really amazing. It shines up the paint directly where you need it. 

Check out another video on the GunBudd® Universal Spray Gun COB/LED Advanced Ultra Lighting System HERE!

Note how I added a gold and red pinstripe to the seam. It looks great to me. Check out the Mazda CX-5 guys! What do you think? 

It’s Tony B. Richie and I hope you enjoyed watching this video, DIY Secrets: How To Paint & Custom Bodywork Your Car At Home in 23 Minutes! 🕺 Please Like, Share and Subscribe to my channel! 

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Protect yourself and your family. Stay home. 

Talk soon! Cheers!


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