Customizing the Mazda CX5: New Custom Paint Project🚗👌

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Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is all about my New Custom Paint Project.

I hope everyone’s okay. I’m back in the shop working on a custom two-tone project. We’ll be molding a hood scoop. I’m just doing the design on how I want to two-tone this thing.

Here is what we’re doing. Check out what I’m doing to this Tacoma. I’m going to custom mold it on the truck.

I’m doing all this to show you how you can customize your own vehicles out of the comfort of your own garage.

I wasn’t planning on getting a two-tone paint job on the entire truck, but then later on, I just decided to do a whole paint job.

Check out the video as I show you my two-tone project on the Tacoma.

The blue line is to show how I want to do my two-tone. I usually like to follow body lines when splitting two-tone paint jobs.

We’re going to come down just below the side mirror then loop up over the fender on to the hood, then make the part of the inside black. We’ll black out the whole roof, the top rail and the back tailgate.

It’s going to have a unique look. I don’t want to go crazy on this project. We candied the top spoiler and the mirrors a while ago. I have videos on that but I haven’t released them yet. They look really cool in the light.

They’re just in the shade right now so you can’t really see the real color but when it’s under the sun, it looks really crazy.

Don’t mind the red stripe tape here. Don’t mind all the tapes because they are just ideas on paint scheme.

This is pretty much going to be a 2-3 day job. I’ll mold that thing in on the hood then start wet sanding and getting this thing ready for paint. I’d like to paint it, if not tomorrow night, on Sunday for sure.

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I’m headed to Japan next month so I wanted to bang out some projects before I do. Here’s are two gas tanks that I’ll be doing. Also the mailbox and spoiler. I have a lot of small projects that I want to finish up and share with you just to give you guys some ideas for projects.

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Here’s the Chevelle Project. It’s running like a beast! This is completely registered and insured. I put in brand new tires, brand new exhaust system and engine. It is super awesome!

I’m going to build a custom wood console for this thing. I put speakers in and will still put speakers at the back part – a 6×9. It’s looking pretty good.

This Chevelle will probably be painted next year so stay tuned! Let me crank it up, a lot are requesting for it.

It’s the #BossPainter here coming to you live! We’ll be doing more auto body Q&A. Just checking in. I will be working on this Tacoma for the rest of the day today. I will keep you posted. It will look pretty cool.

I decided not to sell the mini-truck, someone was offering to buy but I didn’t like his offer so screw it. If people can’t afford my price tag so screw it.

Thanks everyone for joining me today. Again, SMASH That Like button guys!

Talk soon! Cheers!


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