LearnAutoBodyAndPaint: Custom Hood Scoop Install 💪🏎

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Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is all about Custom Hood Scoop Install on the Mazda CX5.

I wanted to paint this today, but it looks like I’ll have it ready for paint tomorrow instead. We had a storm a few hours ago and we had to bring in the cars in the garage and latch it up.

I hope everyone’s doing well. Give me some feedback everyone!

I figured out the paint scheme that I’ll be doing on the CX5. I’m not going to be doing the sides black. We’re just going to be doing the hood, the top and the tailgate.

We are doing stripes as well. Check the video as I molded the thing in. It looks pretty great to me.

This was the piece that was literally cut and molded into the hood as you can see in the video.

Right now, I’m just doing a little bit of glaze on some little areas because we have some rock chips on the front.  

We’ll then finish water sanding it and go ahead and shoot it tomorrow. That’s what we’re looking at right now.

I have everything in step-by-step videos, how we molded it and what we did exactly. It’s going to look really good.

This strip is going to be black. The center section will be blacked out with white pearls on the sides. If we look at the back hatch, this is all ready for paint.

The entire tailgate and roof is going to be black. I took out the roof racks and the weather strip in the middle.

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Someone mentioned the other day that he wants to get the Atom LVLP Spray Gun then he asked me if I can use a big compressor. Yeah, of course you can!

You just need to tone it down. It just uses less air than an HVLP Spray Gun. You can use a huge compressor or a smaller one for the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun. It will work.

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I’ll be using these guns on this project as well as the Tamco Paints. You can grab these paints on Zoolaa.com as well.

Guys, thanks for joining me today. Please SMASH the Like button, hit SUBSCRIBE and share the videos. That’s pretty much it for today. I am just chilling, drinking beer and reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “FAKE”.

Talk soon! Cheers!


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