INSPIRE: Junk Parts To Car Art – LABAP Custom Car Art!

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Hey, It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is all about INSIPRE: Junk Parts To Car Art – LABAP Custom Car Art!

I have this radiator that I took out of the Chevelle Project. I wanted to do something with this in the future, so I just kept it.

Here’s a Rustoleum Metallic Paint and paint the top section of the radiator and some undercoating, then spray the grill part. My daughter is helping me spray this radiator with black.

At first, I wanted to do this whole thing chrome, but decided not to because it wouldn’t look good, and just paint the inside grills dark black.

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LOL! Mayah said it looks like a TV! J Do you think so too?

I made this rim clock a long time ago. It was rotted in the back due to the acid in the battery. Check out as I do something cool with it, instead of throw it out.

Keep on watching guys!

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