🙄FAILED Paint Jobs – How To Repair Peeling Clearcoat Part 1

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Hi, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s topic is all about FAILED Paint Jobs – How To Repair Peeling Clearcoat Part 1.

Check out this bumper cover. This is a common problem with repainted cars or cars that have bad paint jobs from the factory.

I remember in around the ‘90s to 2000, Toyota had a big issue with their basecoat clearcoat.  They had a lot of recall on trucks with peeling and flaking.

From what I see, this bumper cover has been painted before. If you look at this chipping, under this red basecoat is red. This was the original color down here and put base and clear on it, which is peeling.

Here is a common question: “Can I just sand this clear coat and re-clear it?”

No. You shouldn’t do it because you’ll also be doing the prep and sanding anyway. It is best and recommended to put a fresh base on it then clear it.

The reason for this really bad paint job is because of a cheap clear coat or because they waited too long on the basecoat before applying the clearcoat. It could be a multitude of reasons.

What is the best way to fix something like this?

I would go all the way down and actually take off this basecoat. This is a plastic bumper cover.

I would skip the water sanding part with 400-grit because it’s too fine. It would take forever to get down and use a 280-grit to a 320-grit sandpaper on a DA Orbital Sander and get it all the way down.

I wouldn’t go all the way to plastic, but cut through to this red and get in to the bottom red. I would put a nice 2K filler primer over the whole thing after the sanding and go over the plastic.

Then, put a heavy 2K and wash it down with a 400-grit by water sanding and you can even us a DA Sander to cheat a little bit. Water sanding prevents caking on your pad and sand paper will last a lot longer.

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