67 Chevelle Project Update

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today is all about ’67 Chevelle Project Update.

I put in a full day yesterday on this project and I just want to give you all an update on this. She’s sitting pretty right there.

We have about an 8 ¼ drop springs, lower in the front and air shocks in the back. It’s a pretty cool feature.

We’re wiring right now. The engine is in as well as the custom drive shaft. Check out the video as I show you a lot more of what I have done in this project.

I need to get this thing running so I’m doing a lot of work on this Chevelle Project.  My goal is to have this running on weekend. Let’s see.

Here is how the front end is and let me show you how the back is. I’ll show you the air shocks. As you can see the back did go up. I can say it travels up around 2 inches. The front is a lot lower now.

I’ll get it running and I’ll let you know and document everything. It’s going to be really cool.

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Thanks for joining me today in the short video. I am sorry for the poor connection, but I hoped you enjoyed seeing the Chevelle as much as I enjoyed showing it to you. J

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Talk soon! Cheers!


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