👉 PSI Settings For Spraying Cars – HVLP and LVLP Spray Gun Settings

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“Hey Tony, I have a question for you. I ordered the ATOM X27 Spray Gun LVLP with 1.3 tip for basecoat/clearcoat, and ordered the ATOM X20 LVLP to use for primer with a 2.0 tip since I just have a 5HP 26-gallon compressor.“

It’s good that you have plenty of horsepower on your compressor as it puts out good CFM. A 26- gallon is a small air compressor, but not bad for spraying parts and motorcycles and little items. It’s great with touch-ups.


  • How much pressure should I have coming from the compressor to the regulator on the paint gun?
  • What psi should I turn the regulator on the gun up for basecoat/ clearcoat and primer, compared to HVLP guns?

You usually have an air regulator for output on your little compressor and 60 pounds coming out to your gun should be fine.

Check out the video as I show you how my mine is set up at the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint HQ.

Primers are usually laid on 23 to 25 pounds and then base coat and clear coat is 26 to 29 pounds.

You’ll need to be spraying at about 26 to 29 psi if you’re doing base coat clear coat with HVLP Spray Guns. The higher the pressure the more atomization and better flow out you’ll get.

Again, It’s recommended to have 28-29 for clear coat and 26-27 for base coat. And, primers are a little lower at 25 psi. It’s a little lower at about one to two psi for LVLP.

I hardly look at the gauge and do it based on tone and how the paint comes out. However, the goal is to spray it nice, wet and evenly.

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