How To Repair Car Dents – Step 1 Finding Dents Using Light

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This video will show you How To Repair Car Dents  and get ready for auto body work and paint.

When doing auto body work, specifically a complete paint job. First, inspect your vehicle and start thinking of a game plan of what needs to be done.

In this short article we’ll talk about how to repair car dents step-by-step.

What I like to do is take a marker and start walking around the car eyeing out the small dents, and body work areas that need to be repaired. Use the sunlight or any kind of garage lighting to skim the panels and look for dents and damage.

With the marker, just circle or put a check mark on each dent, ding or damaged area and do panel by panel. Now when starting your project you can easily know where you need to attack and repair pretty easily.

Sometimes, it’s great to go over the car a few times because you may miss a few spots and get them on your second time around. So it’s really pretty simple.

If you have deep dings and dents (deeper than 1/4″) then you may need to lightly tap the dent out from the back by using a hammer dolly method. If the dings are less than 1/4″ deep, then you can simply scuff the dent and the surrounding area about 2-3″ using 80 grit so you can lay your filler on and fill.

how to repair car dents

Some auto body guys will tell you you need to grind all dents all the way down to the metal before you fill. But that’s completely bogus. Big dents, I’ll agree but for very small and shallow, I’ll just scuff with 80 and fill. You will NOT have any problems by doing this. I’ve been doing it for years.

That’s it for this short video. Yes, it was a simple video but I must say, a VERY important step in bodywork.

Just like WAR…

You need to know your battlefield as much as you can before you begin battle.

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