The Proper Way To Spray Over Decals: Auto Body Q&A 🏍️

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Let’s proceed with your auto body questions. 🥳

Question: Do you have to go from end to end without stopping when spraying candy paint?

Yes. You’ll need to do the whole side of the car when spraying candy because, if you stop on an edge right by the door, you’ll end up with a hard line, so you need to do it all the way. 

Additionally, you’ll need to do a tight overlap with is 70%. Hence, you need to be comfortable with your spray gun specifically the flow of your gun when doing candy paint as it is very tricky. 

For those who want to check out great spray guns, I’d recommend the Atom Spray Guns on Zoolaa

Atom X20 Spray Gun on Zoolaa

Spraying candy is recommended for more experienced painters and not for beginners. If you know how to lay the base and clears without getting runs, you’re pretty much set to do candy paint.

Then, when you’re new to spraying candy, start with smaller projects and going over a similar base color. The Atom X20 Spray Gun is a great gun if you’re just starting out! 😉

I’ll have more content on candy spraying once I set up my shop here in Japan. 🇯🇵

Question: I’m a LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP. A friend of mine had a car painted with single-stage poly. It is soft a year later. Anything we can do to harden it up? Any idea what went wrong? It is soft as in chips easy.

If it’s chipping that means it’s hard but it wasn’t sanded or prepped correctly underneath the foundation. It is soft if you stick your nail on it, you’ll still see a nail mark or if it scratches easily.

There’s nothing you can do now, you need to sand it down or repaint. That’s the best way to proceed is to do it over.

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Question: When clearing over decals, do I have to spray adhesive promotor over the decal or spray a tacky coat of clear over it first?

You need to make sure that it’s clean and put a high-pressure tack coat over the decal to see if it’s set up correctly.

Then, spray at about 28-29 psi and let it settle before your clear the rest of the tank. I believe you are working on a tank project.

If it’s a flat decal, you won’t have a problem when you hit it with a wax and grease remover. However, I don’t recommend using this on a glossy decal because you might ruin it. 

I’ve done a lot of motorcycle projects with decals as well as decals on cars. 

Check out this motorcycle I did in the past: How To Paint A Motorcycle or Car Step By Step A-Z

Yamaha Motorcycle with Decal

 Question: What paint system do you use and/or prefer?

It depends on your budget. If you have a higher budget, you can go with a base coat clearcoat system. However, if you are looking for something inexpensive, then go with a single-stage paint system.

I have more tips on single-stage painting on a keynote presentation I did for Jack’s question on his Ford Model A car. You may also want to check out the blog entitled Single Stage Paint Tips & Ways To Paint Door Jambs 👌

Ford Model A

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