1 Tip For Cutting Automotive Sand Paper – Holy Block Sand Paper

I have a quick tip for you guys if you’re looking to cut sandpaper quickly and easily.

I have a sheet of 400-grit sandpaper because I’m doing some wet-sanding right now.

What I do is, fold it in half and cut at the center using a metal putty knife.

Then I fold it in quarters and cut it again.  I like to do it in quarters because it fits on the block perfectly.  So now I have 4  sheets of sandpaper to do my block-sanding.

Easy to do and that’s how I cut all my sandpaper.

You can cut any grit sandpaper this way, even 80-grit.

When you’re done sanding and the sandpaper gets a little dull, you can still use it without the block. I like to use it to wet sand the round corner areas and edges. I fold the quarter sandpaper to half. It fits the palm of your hand and it’s very easy to use it that way.

I hope you like that tip for cutting automotive sand paper.

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