Causes of Pinholes in Car Paint: Auto Body Q&A 🚗

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Yoohoo! It’s time for another live stream from the #BossPainter. He’s back to answer more of your most burning questions on auto body work and paint. 

I’m sorry for the screw up initially. I’ve been quite preoccupied with some stuff and I killed my last stream. But, we’re back and I hope I didn’t lose you guys! 😭

How are you guys amidst the crazy pandemic? I hope you are all safe and taking extra precautions.

I am sorry for being late as I was trying to book flights for my daughter and I back to Japan. You must think I’m crazy for traveling at this time, but I just need to go and be with my wife and other kid, Ally.

Initially, I wanted them to move back here with me, but with Ally’s condition and her established routine in Japan, they are unable to fly here in Hawaii. That’s why I decided to just be with them in Japan. 

I’ll be flying out to Japan with my other daughter no later than Sunday just to have my family complete at this time of chaos

It’s crazy out there guys and I hope everyone is doing okay and safe. I have a different perspective on all of this, but no matter what, just be safe, take extra precautions and don’t panic. Stay calm everyone! 

Question: The bottom of my 2009 Honda is pushed in but metal seems soft. How do I handle this?

You just need to panel beat it out. You can pull it out with a stud welder or get at the back of it and punch it out. Get it as flat as possible then grind it down before you put some filler on it. 

Question: Should I use self-etching primer or epoxy on bare metal that has been media blasted and sanded with 80-grit?

Absolutely! Yes, you can.

Question: I have a 3-year old European car with a ton of swirl marks. I have a bunch of ShopLine Urethane Clearcoat leftovers and was planning to put two fresh coats of clear. Is that a bad idea?

You can do that. If you want to put more clear coats on your car, but I’d recommend sanding it down with 1000-grit and putting two fresh coats of clear. You can also go with 800-grit. Just be careful not to cut-through to your base coat, especially if it’s metallic. 

Alternatively, you can just buff it out with a good foam buffer. 

Question: What causes pinholes in clear coat? 

That’s kind of odd, unless they were caused by some chemical reaction. Usually pinholes are in filler. You’ll then see it in your base coat if you didn’t take care of it. They could go to the clear coat afterwards.

It could have been something on your base coat or may have been caused by oil because it will also give some pinhole effect. The only thing you can do is sand it down to get past the pinhole and re-clear it. 

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It’s the #BossPainter Tony B. Richie. I hope you enjoyed today’s session entitled,  “Causes of Pinholes in Car Paint: Auto Body Q&A 🚗”

Again, keep safe guys but life has to go on. Do what you need to do but take extra precautions! 

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