👉 How To Paint A Roof Of A Car: Auto Body Q&A

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#BossPainters, I’m Back For More Auto Body Q&A! Thanks for joining me today, guys! Let’s do a roll call guys! Type where you are from! How is everybody doing? 

Let me ask you guys about recent issue that the entire world is facing today. How are things going over at your end with the coronavirus epidemic? 

Here in Hawaii, things are not yet that bad. I’ve been stocking up on certain things like water, food and other necessities. I’m not panicking but just making sure that we’re prepared in any case.

Who among you are playing with stocks? Stocks and bitcoin are tanking and it’s ridiculous. We were at the dinner table tuning in and everyone was getting frantic. 

Honestly guys, I invested in a lot of companies but it’s really plummeting and I know this is not a stock market or trading channel but I just wanted to check up on you guys on this current issue.

I hope everyone’s safe and doing well. There are places in the US and other parts of the world that are getting crazy. 

Question: I trashed my roof project. What can I do to save it?

Roofs are very difficult to work on even for professionals since they are very flimsy. When you block sand, you need to put pressure on it and the roof will buckle so you need to be very careful when doing so. 

Roofs and some trunks and hoods are flimsy so you need to take your time when working on them. 

If you’re a VIP, check out the Daihatsu Mini Truck Project. The side door panel was so thin like paper and I had to hold my straight sander lightly against it so I wouldn’t buckle it. 

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Question: I’m working on a tailgate. I’m trying to pull a dent out and keeps popping back in. What can I do about that? 

If you’re using tack pins to pull a dent out, you need to tap around the area while pulling it out with your slide hammer to strengthen the metal. You need to tap around it to expand the metal and get it solid. 

Question: How did you learn to do auto body work, Tony?

I grew up in this industry. My dad had a body shop for twenty years before he had me. I painted my first car at 14 years old. 

Question: Can you use lead to fill small rust holes and bondo?

Yes, absolutely. That’s super old school. I took a class on lead-filling with Gene Winfield about two years ago. It’s in the VIP Program so VIPs, go check it out. 

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  1. HeyTony
    On the roof my sanding is perfect this time I know this because when 400 grit wet sanding is was all even and shinny.
    my next step is tack and color i just wanted to see if after that I need to spray a primer or not before I clear coating. or bypass that and do two blending clear coats and on the last one spray a blender on the edges where the clear and paint meet each other. 7 reducer to 1 clear.?


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