Why Does My Car Paint Have Tiny Bubbles?: Auto Body Q&A 😰

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It’s Another LearnAutoBodyAndPaint Q&A Day! I am back with another live stream answering this question: Why Does My Car Paint Have Tiny Bubbles? However, excuse the construction noise outside if you hear it.

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I recently created a video on this. Check it out here: Buffing out Hard Water Spots on BLACK PAINT 😅

Question: How did I get tiny bubbles in my fourth clear coat?

It can be your spray gun setting. Something can be wrong with your nozzle cap where it’s putting air into your atomization.

Another reason may be that your clear coat is too thin. The atomization is just so fine, it glazed on your paint like air bubbles.

Here are super important things when spraying:

  1. Mixture – not too thin
  2. Speed – lay it on well when painting (Check the video as I do a demo!)
  3. Tip size – I like using the 1.4 or 1.3 for clear coat

If you want great spray guns, check out the Atom Spray Guns. This is the only brand I recommend and use now in my shop. Grab them on Zoolaa now. 

The thing with body shops, they don’t really do small stuff. They usually like to deal with customers with complete paint jobs where the big bucks are.

It’s difficult to find someone who can do it but there are still small body shops that will take smaller jobs. I’d rather do it myself than pay for costly body shops. 

Question: Do you use a separate gun for primers?

If you are a total newbie and don’t have the extra budget for separate spray guns, it is possible the same gun. You just need to wash it really well. 

I’ve done it for years when I was still starting out. Back then, I didn’t even have enough money to have a different tip size. I would reduce my 2K filler primer to make it thinner so I can shoot it out of a 1.4 tip. I just need to put in extra coats to compensate for coverage.

You can also use a cheaper spray gun dedicated for primer work while your more expensive spray gun for base coat clear coat. 

If you want to be a little technical about it, you can have separate spray guns for primers, base coat and clear coat. I’d recommend HVLP for base coat and LVLP for clear coat. 

Question: Do you have a turbine system? I am planning to get one. 

I don’t really waste my time with turbine systems. We just use the hard core compressors. However, that may be something that we can explore at a later time. 

Question: How do you know when to stop sanding filler?

Body work is usually done with your hands and it is your true partner when doing body work. I encourage you to get dusty and feel with your hands. I discourage you from wearing gloves! After you do block sanding, stroke it and feel it to check.

Question: What tip size do you recommend for the pearl paint? 

Pearls will come out of a 1.3 or 1.4 without any issues. You can keep your neck filter in and it’s not going to clog up.

Question: What spray gun do you recommend for base and clear coat? 

I’d recommend the Atom X27 LVLP Spray Gun. The LVLP version is like a matte silver. It also comes with a GunBudd.

Atom X27 HVLP Spray Gun on Zoolaa

Right now, if you buy the GunBudd on Amazon and leave a review, you just need to screenshot the review and send it to Zoolaa and they will mail you another GunBudd.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Thanks for joining me in today’s session entitled, “Why Does My Car Paint Have Tiny Bubbles?: Auto Body Q&A 😰”. Let me know what type of explainer videos you want to see so I’d know what content I can put in the pipeline. 

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