Happy 4th of July To My Subscribers, Fans and VIP Members

Happy 4th of July To My Subscribers, Fans and VIP Members!

Myself and Mayah just wanted to say Thank You!

Thanks for being part of the LABAP revolution. Reading our vlog, blog and watching our videos on cool auto body stuff.

We have a lot more EXCITING stuff coming out soon. More videos, a new headquarters. Home made spray booths, custom designs and more.

Please comment on anything below, we would love to hear from you!

Talk soon!

P.S. for the next 3 days. I’ll be offering a special on our VIP course.

Here is where you can get inside the LABAP Revolution and start turning your auto body and paint dreams into a reality.

The LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP Program is a great way to enhance your skills in auto body work and paint and will definitely help you get pro results on your own car projects. 

If you join, I’ll see you inside vip soon.

Also, don’t forget to grab your FREE 85-Page Auto Body And Paint Manual if you want to learn more about this awesome skill!

Let me say it again… Happy 4th of July To My Subscribers, Fans and VIP Members


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21 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July To My Subscribers, Fans and VIP Members”

  1. hey Tony i was thinking about getting a warwick 980 but i was looking for replacement parts and also the tip package you where talking about. are you going to every be selling any parts like that?

  2. hey tony
    watz up from mark at OZ from down under

    im away from my family and I have 3 girls… your little 1 remindz me so much of my girls and its gr8 to see ur girl loves you so much.

    thanks for all the vids and tips
    god bless you in your search for a new HQ

    Im off this weekend to c d famz so ill be seing my project car and what me and my girls can do together on it as I haven’t worked on it for a while


    • hey Mark! Thanks for dropping by! They just make your day don’t they? haha! That’s cool man, keep us posted on your project ok? If you have any auto body questions, just let us know ok? Cheers mate!

  3. Hey Tony and all the other VIP Members hope you have a great day from Australia.
    I uploaded a You tube vid on the forum called portable spray booth you can add it to your site if you want.
    Best regards

  4. Hey Tony,

    This is Vince, VIP from Florida.

    Thanks for the Great 4th of July video, Mayah is absolutely adorable. I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead to see what you have in store. The frame machine sounds interesting. I would be interested in seeing a wrecked car with frame damage to be repaired from start to finish. This kind of stuff has always been a passion for me was never able to pursue it until now with the help of LABAP.

    Thanks Tony and Best Wishes to you and yours,


  5. Hi Tony

    Why all the different sizes air and paint nozzles on a spray gun? When to use witch one? Second time I’m asking.

    Chris (South Africa)

  6. Thanks Tony! I am a VIP member and refer to your auto body course whenever I have a chance to . I live in house which doesnt even have a garage so I am soon going to buy one with a shop. Then I will have to means to get going on some auto body repaints. I love the way you teach with the videos it totally provides a clear way of doing the paint project. Happy 4 th Of July to you!!!! We had our CANADA day on July 1st. PEACCCCE!!!!!!!!!

    • hey Adeem! Thank you for the Awesome testimonial. Good luck with your new place. I hope you get what you want. Keep imagining that you are in possession of what you want buddy!. Keep me posted ok?

  7. Hey, Tony !! Congratulation!!!
    Wow, Mayah speaks full English! Big girl already!
    We are in Washington now but when we move back to Hawaii our cars will be yours! hehehe. Keep in touch! Miss you guys!! Please give Mayah big hugs and kisses for me!!


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