How To Flow Coat? How To Avoid Orange Peel on Single Stage? Mixing Ratio And More Autobody Q&A

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QUESTION: I started the flow coat yesterday on the driver’s side and it ran. Guess I’ll be going for a tack coat on the rest of it.?

It seems like you need to work on your flow coat and the distance of the panel, speed, and flow of your spray gun, once you get that down you should hardly have any runs. 

It’s something that I don’t think it’s very hard to master. I mastered that early on in my painting career. I think it’s because I was watching my dad paint for a long time before I even started painting and as soon as I got into it. 

As I said by the time I was 17 I was painting for body shops. They were paying me just to go there like 100-150 bucks to just go shoot a car. It takes me an hour, hour and a half and I’d make 150 bucks at 17. Wasn’t a bad thing to do that a couple of times a week – it helped me get by. 

And the main thing is speed and flow. If you want to learn more about how to really lay on finishes without getting runs, sags, and orange peel, you definitely want to check out There’s awesome free training like a 5-day video training series -absolutely free.

You’re going to learn how to spray professional automotive finishes without getting the orange peel, dry paint, sags, runs, tiger striping, and all that stuff with these techniques that I developed called the R.A.D.S. Paint Formula. We break down every single day and I think you’re really going to like it. So it’s free training for anybody watching this video. Just go to

FOLLOW-UP:  It’s the first time doing a flow coat but I still haven’t mastered the X20 yet because I’m normally using my GTI pro but trying to use the x20 for the whole flow coat to get my skill up on it.

The spray guns are pretty much the same and I wouldn’t say there’s a big difference between spray guns. I like the ATOMS, I believe they atomize very very nicely when painting. Maybe you were just laying on too much paint.

If you were having issues with running, you were either spraying too slowly or you were too close to the panel. So you just need to work on your speed and flow and then your distance to the panel, that’s pretty much it when it comes to flow coating. 

QUESTION: Having trouble with single stage acrylic urethane getting too much orange peel any tips?

Yes, my tips are to make sure your mixing ratios are on point. If you’re getting the orange peel, you may want to add a little additional reducer. I don’t know what type of hardener you’re using with that.

But normally on a complete paint job, you want to be using a slow hardener and a slow activator because you want your paint to flow out after you lay it down.

The other thing is to go to I made this training and I want your feedback. I’ve been getting amazing feedback but I want your feedback as well. So go to, sign up, go through the 5-day training, and reply to the email. 

QUESTION: Is flow coating worth it? Does it make a big difference?

Yes, and no. Sometimes people flow coat because they need it. Sometimes they got orange peel, they want to block it out, sanded out, get it flat again, and then slow coat it.

Normally, if you have two coats of clear on it, and it looks like glass, there’s no sense of a flow coat. If you’re doing candy paint jobs, custom candy work that has some flake in it, or Pearl, and you’re going to be putting this car in a show or something and you really want it then yes, flow coat it because it’s going to give you more depth.

Putting an extra two coats of flow coat clear on it will give you more depth to that candy paint job or over the pearls or flaked that you did, it’ll make it look deeper. That’s the main idea for flow coat for custom jobs like that or to fix some orange peel work on a complete paint job – could be some panels.

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