How To Paint Your Car At Home

How To Paint Your Car at Home.

The sample training video above was shot on location from a body mans garage as he takes you through the entire process of painting a car.

This is one of our class projects that we’ve recorded in step-by-step detail within our VIP program that you can learn more about here.

Most guys are looking for an alternative learning program on auto body and paint. They want to skip the 3-5 years of classes and partial hands on that traditional trade schools offer and get right into the nitty gritty. Maybe you just don’t have the time for it.

Maybe you just want to figure it out and just get into customizing your car or truck because you know you can do it yourself. You have the passion and been waiting to get into this..

Either way, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve figured out a way to teach any DIYer or any serious auto enthusiast how to be able to work from their current location no matter what level your coming in at. Achieving real-results at a rapid pace. Learning auto body and paint could not be easier.

You can be a total beginner with no experience whatsoever or even an experienced painter looking for newer tricks and ideas. We have the training and full support that can take you to the next level without you being confused about any of the processes.

We cover step-by-step how to prep a car for paint. Dent repair, panel replacement, complete color change, how to paint door jambs, custom painting techniques, how to paint with pearl, flake and even candy.

We have a dedicated and thriving community that consist of private forums and (facebook group if you prefer FB) that can help you out if you need it. The cool think about facebook is that you can post realtime pictures and video to get instant feedback from likeminded and educated VIP members who are always willing to give a helping hand.

How We Are Different Than Any Other Training Out There…

We here at the LABAP headquarters understand that every single paint project is unique and you may have a unique question or situation that may need to be addressed. That’s why having access to a loyal and helpful community at your fingertips can be so powerful.

You deserve it. You owe it to yourself to learn this and being able to create eye popping paint jobs that people drool over. Imagine that?

Tony has been painting from his early teens learning by the teachings of his father and is now passing along the same proven strategies combined with the industries newest strategies, paints and material giving you TOP-Notch education that you can afford.

Be sure to get your FREE 85-Page Auto Body and Paint Manual plus we’re also giving away a FREE 90-minute Auto Body and Paint DVD!!

Learn more about our VIP training program and community here.

18 thoughts on “How To Paint Your Car At Home”

  1. how many coat of paint do I need to apply and for how long am i supposed to let it dry……….and what would be the right temperature of the room so i can paint …………and last but not least how many coats of clear do i need to put on the car after the paint has been applaid

    • This all depends on your application. It depends on what paint you want to use, your ambient temperature etc… They have a few types of hardener and reducer that you can use to fit your room temp. The recommended clear is 2-3 wet coats. You want to be sure to paint at the right speed, flow and also the right needle tip. Mostly 1.3 – 1.4.

  2. How much do you think it will cost to paint a 1980 cutlass supreme using your method for paint on a budget. I just need an estimate so i can start saving money.

  3. I have a 98 dodge avenger.. the paint that year was recalled, so there is peeling and a flat black color on the top half of my car, the hood, and trunk.. How do I paint it to make it blend in with the factory black(which is in perfect condition), and what are the proper steps to make sure it blends ok?

    • In the VIP Course we teach you how to blend paint.

      This is a VERY common problem with a LOT of cars not just Dodge. What you need to do is sand the top of the car with 400-600 grit and feather the clear in, then prime, blend your base then clear it using reducer or blender.

      If you want more information and step-by-step video tutorials that take you by the hand you may want to check out the VIP Membership Club where we have over 50 Hours of complete auto body and paint videos for newbies and also advanced painters.

  4. Hi. I have a 206 Peugeot .. I’d like to paint it all. But i have a problem some body parts as front bumper are misplaced i guess or a litle droped so The body lines are not aligned well. Does your method cover some issues like that? Regards

  5. hi tony will the course price convert in to British pounds when i accept to buy.Also does the course tell you what paints you can use on your vehicle like identifying what type of paint is already on your car so if you decide on a colour change you wont get a reaction when respraying ie synthetic over new type base n clear. cheers and thanx 4 your videos so far i want your life style lol

    • Yes it will convert, we get members that register and become VIP members from all over the world. Even from Africa, UK, Mexico to name just a few other countries.

      The course covers many things, if not covered, shoot me a question in the posts under the selected instructional video and we will get you the answer asap so that You and other community members can benefit.
      See you in VIP soon and be sure to see how you can get our NEW VIP Member Shirts sent to your door too!


  6. Hi tony, im from miami, i just got a 1997 golf gl
    and im really interest about painting it my self, i leave in Miami and here everything is really spencive.
    I really like ur site, but true is im scared of paying and not really getting everything ur offering.

  7. I have a 2003 Mitsubishi eclipse I was looking to paint it silver since I do not like it in red anymore how much do u think it might cost altogether to paint it all silver so that I can start saving


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