How To Plan Your Auto Painting Project

Hey guys!! Here are simple tips on How To Plan Your Auto Painting Project. 

This is just a QUICK run-down and a few tips that I think are important to think about when planning to paint your project.

  1. Find out what kind of paint you currently have on your project. By knowing what kind of paint you currently have on your car you’ll know how to plan your attack. How to sand it, what kind of primer you may need, or what you can do to rejuvenate parts of the car if you don’t plan on painting the entire project.
  2. What kind of paint do you want to use? Base coat clear coat, (single stage) enamel, synthetic enamel.
  3. Will you be painting the entire car or will you be restoring some areas and bringing the paint back? Are you painting your door jambs and doing a complete color change?
  4. How much auto body work are you planing to put into it? Are you doing a quick job, or are you going for a PRO job?
  5. Do you want to paint parts that weren’t original, like mirrors, handles, bumpers, trim or moulding? (some car bumpers are a plastic look, not painted) you have a choice to customize it and paint them at this stage.
  6. What materials will you need? Sand paper grits, filler, masking paper and tape, paints, pinstripe etc…


Please comment below if you have any additional questions. I would love to hear from you! Thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading about these simple tips on How To Plan Your Auto Painting Project.

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