What Color To Paint My Car (Color Choosing Tips)

What Color To Paint My Car (Color Choosing Tips)

What Color To Paint My Car?

Here are some things that you should consider before painting your vehicle.

This is good information to know before you mess up a potential easy sale if you decide to sell your ride at one point of time.

If you don’t care about selling your car and original value means nothing to you then this post is also for you.

Classic Cars and Intrinsic Vehicle Valuations

Are you concerned about resale value?

Are you concerned about classic and intrinsic value?

Well, if you are you may want to think twice before completely changing the color of your car, truck or bike, whichever your working on. Especially of you have a desirable collector or classic.

Cars like original muscle cars, celebrity cars, collectable race cars like this Koenigsegg Agera R valued at 1.5 million, yeah I know that I’m a bit over the top here but I’m just giving you some examples. Check out this ultra rare 1971 Hemi ‘Cuda. Only 11 were built that year.

Love cars? See what Jay Leno has sitting in his personal collection here. I can guarantee that most of his cars are restored with original colors too!

Worlds Rarest Cars


Ugg, I don’t Care About Resale Value, I Just Want a Custom Paint Job That Makes My Car POP!

Three words for you.

Just do it!

If you’re a creative person, which I think you are because you’re on this site, then doing a custom paint job may be just what you’re looking for.

You can be restoring a 57 Chevy with flames, doing up a Honda ricer or a Euro tuner with a custom wide body kit.

Adding some pearls or flakes to paint your paint pop may be the icing on your cake.

It’s amazing what you can do with paints. Especially nowadays.

All I really suggest is that you at least paint your door jambs, under the hood and under the trunk (the boot for you UK people) haha.

If you’re really serious and have the time, take that engine out and do up your engine compartment while you’re at it too.

Doing this will increase your resale value anyway just because it was done right.

I won’t lie, I have custom painted cars using the same original color as a base coat, but just adding pearl or flake to the outside of the car only. Not doing door jambs etc.

This is a way of cheating if you totally want to skip doing any jamb work.

The cool thing is that it won’t be totally noticeable because the color will be very similar. You’ll just have a bit of that pearl or sparkle that will make all the difference in your paint job, and when you open the doors it won’t be totally off.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope that you got some nuggets out of it!

Please feel free to comment. I would love to hear back from you.

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8 thoughts on “What Color To Paint My Car (Color Choosing Tips)”


    • hey Steve!

      You can add some, but paint is VERY flexible anyway. I have painted many urethane and plastic pieces without adding any flex agent; my results were top quality years after painting. No cracks or chips. As long as you properly prep your panels you will be fine. Polyurethane clears are VERY flexible so you really dont have to worry about it unless you just want to do it. Good luck!!

  2. I am thinking about doing a flip. I want to find a car that already runs right but has a few probs and needs some serious paint. I can’t help myself, but every time I see any car, I can envision a killer two tone paint scheme to put on it utilizing the original color as a part of the palette so I dont have to paint the engine compartment.

    lol. For example, I found a green ’96 BMW that I wanted. so I would use a 2013 similar green as the major color of the two-tone (with silver as the minor color, and black or copper as the accent pinstripe) I think that with lots of attention to the body BEFORE I get the gun in my hands – lol – I think that could be a killer two tone.. I would be sure to paint the jambs, under the hood and trunk when I do the rest of the car. Am I crazy or is it just crazy enough that it might work? If I can make it look like it has been done at a factory.

    • hey Shaun,

      I recommend you don’t get into this unless you know of somebody who want’s this done to his car. Most people dont like to buy cars that have too many mods to it.

      They like to do their own mods. Especially if you are buying and selling cars. Pick up some cars that need a little TLC, clean them up, buff them or do light paint job work and sell as original.

      I am not saying don’t do it. Just make the designs simple if you decide to do it. I have done a few custom Mazda RX-7’s and Miata’s with custom two tone paint jobs. Try not to invest too much money or time into your vehicles for sale.

      It will start to eat at your time and profits. Good luck man and I wish you well!

  3. Hey Tony, I just wanted to say that thanks for posting so much infromation. I downloaded the manual and I wish I could afford your course, unfortunately I just got out last June. I made alot of stupid choices and ended up in Prison for 17 years. I was deported when I was released so now I live in Ensenada, BC. I’m starting my life all over, literally from the ground up. I did learn how to paint and do bodywork, weld, etc… I made sure I made my time count. There is so much new technology now, I’m just trying to catch up. I painted my first car, it came out nice, its just a 97 firebird but it was for practice. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all the info. I really appreciate it, when I get on my feet and have some cash flow I will buy your course.

    • hey Gono,

      Love your story man and it seems like you are a smart man. Keep up the great work, stay on track and be positive. I know at times it can be hard. we all go through hard times. Thanks for checking out my blog and posting your thoughts bro! We will be here if you decide to join us within VIP. All the best G.

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