I’ll Buy You an HVLP Spray Gun VIP + Auto Body Q&A

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I have great news! Today, I’ll Buy You an HVLP Spray Gun VIP + Auto Body Q&A.

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I’m sorry if the stream is a little choppy. Let’s go ahead with Q&A and do the VIP contest then head off. It’s Easter Sunday today so we’ll be meeting up with family.

Question: Epoxy Primer, before or after body filler?

You can do it before or after, whichever you prefer. I like to do it after body filler. Do your body work over your metal then epoxy prime after that. Then, block it out and get it flat. You can put your 2K filler primer on top of that. And then, block it out and wet sand to get ready for paint.

You can paint right on top of that if it is a primer sealer. You are then good to go.

Question: How do I spray clear without getting overspray everywhere? It’s on my clothes and everything is getting tacky?

The main thing is to have good ventilation. If you’re spraying in a tent or garage, make sure you still have good air ventilation, with air vents blowing the air out. That’s the only way to do it.

Question: I have clear overspray on my windows. How do I remove that?

A good way to remove clear coat on body panels or windows is a clay bar. I would use an ounce of dish detergent and put it in a 20-ounce sprayer bottle with water. Shake it up and you now have a slippery solution for your clay bar to rub on.

This is Zoolaa’s Magic Clay Bar and you can grab yours on Zoolaa.

Question: You are doing great! Can you do videos on color shift paint?

Yes, absolutely! I have a ton of projects waiting in the garage and I will try to do that this summer.

Question: What’s a good process for buffing out 2K paint solid color?

It’s pretty much the same process as buffing base coat clear coat. You want to hit it with 2000-grit and get it flat. You can use a yellow wool pad with compound.

When you’re buffing out a single-stage enamel, the color of the paint is going to come on to your pad because of the compounds. That’s normal so don’t get stressed out!

Here’s our VIP Contest and we only have one multiple choice question. Whoever wins, will get the Atom X9 Spray Gun. You just need to help us out with $25 shipping. That’s all you need to pay for. J

Here’s the question: Most airborne contaminants that land on a freshly applied top coat come from:

  1. Outside
  2. Within the spray booth
  3. The Painter
  4. Within the vehicle itself.

The first one who types in the correct answer and appears on my chat screen wins! The correct answer is D. Within the vehicle itself. Most airborne contaminants actually come from the vehicle itself because it hasn’t been prepped correctly.

If you didn’t properly blow out under the hood, the door jambs or in between the seams, it can blow out dirt when you’re spraying. I always mention this in my videos to blow out your paint job and make sure that your car is very clean before you start body work and painting because dirt and dust may contaminate your paint job.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. I hope you enjoyed today’s video! Congratulations to our VIP Bin! Email our support to let them know that you are the winner in today’s VIP contest.

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