ATOM X16 Giveaway + Auto Body Q&A

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Hey, it’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint. Today’s video is all about about the ATOM X16 Giveaway + Auto Body Q&A. I haven’t been doing live streams for the past couple of weeks. I’ve been super busy, it’s crazy. 

I will be buying someone an Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun today if that person can guess the correct answer. Whoever gives out the correct answer first will get a brand new Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun. But, you need to help me out with shipping. 

Let’s do some quick Q&A. 

Q: I have a car that needs to be painted, some body work and primer. Can I spray one round of base and clear the rest on the car if it’s sanded with same color?

Yes. You can basically base it where it needs repairs and blend in to adjacent panels. If the clear coat is in good shape, you can wash it down with 1500-grit or 1000-grit then do your base. If you have extra base, just keep going around the car to blend in really well and then put two coats of clear coat on top of that. 

Q: Do you think you need to break down and spend money on a spray gun when you’re a beginner or just practice with a cheap gun?

If you’re just going to be practicing, you can use a cheap gun. However, if you want to get good finishes, I would go with at least a spray gun that puts out a decent atomization. 

The cheap guns have tips and nozzles that are usually crappy. You don’t have good fan patterns and atomization which is critical for laying on really good clear coat and paint. 

I would actually get a medium-grade spray gun at least. The Atom Spray Guns are medium-grade. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for a SATA or Iwata. These Atom Spray Guns are really solid, high quality spray guns. I would check out the Atom X27 Spray Guns on Zoolaa now. The X27s are super cool. My favorite of them all. πŸ™‚ 

Q: The clear peeled off from sitting in the sun for years. What should I do? Any suggestions?

I would recommend sanding the whole car down and feather it out. Put some base coat and new clear coat on the whole thing. I would not recommend putting a new clear coat on top of an old one with a feathered edge. Putting 2 heavy coats of clear is efficient. 

Q: Can I spray primer with an Atom X27 Spray Gun with a 1.4 tip?

I highly recommend getting a 1.8 or 2.0 tip kit. You will not get the primer out of a 1.4 tip like you want to since you need to lay it on heavy.  You can reduce your primer down to 15% maybe for it to come out of a 1.4 tip but, you’ll need some extra coats to cover. I would rather use a 2.0 tip kit to make sure to lay thick primers without any problems. 

Q: Any special preparations to paint aluminum dirt bike frames? 

I would make sure you sand it down with at least 800 grit and use epoxy primer to get it to stick. You can put some base and paint right over the epoxy or a 2K filler primer on top of that then sand it down with 400 grit to be ready for paint. 

Q: How many quarts of base coat do I need to buy to be able to paint my 2003 Accord? It’s a complete color change.

That depends on what type of color change. I would say 3-4 quarts is more than enough. You might want to get a gallon and have an actual quart of mixed leftover just in case you need to do a touch-up in the future. It’s better to have more than not have enough. 

Q: Is there such thing as a clear base coat without color to protect the base coat? 

Yes, it is called inter coat. You can use the DBC 500 by PPG, but it’s not a finish. I don’t know why you would want to finish with a clear base coat. 

Let’s do the contest! VIPs are you ready? You need to be a VIP to join the contest. 

Mayah, my daughter will read you a multiple choice question. Whoever VIP answers first with the correct one, gets the Atom Mini X16 Spray Gun. You need to answer when Mayah’s done reading. 

A Bull’s eye is a condition created by: 

a. hail damage

b. paint contamination

c. buffing at high speeds

d. failure to properly feather edge a repaired area

The answer is d. failure to properly feather edge a repaired area. 

Thanks everyone for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed today’s live stream. Please don’t forget to SMASH that Like button, share and subscribe to my videos. 

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Thanks everyone and I will talk to you soon! 



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