Jot Down Your Auto Body and Paint Questions Here for the next round of videos!

Hi, it’s Tony.  Thank you for watching the video and checking out the blog today.  This is a shout out to jot down your auto body and paint questions here for the next round of videos.

I’m making an unconventional video today.  I’m not doing it in the shop.  I know I haven’t made any videos in the past week.  I’ve just been a little bit busy but I am here and I am thinking about you guys.

I know you like my latest video on the Miata step-by-step project and it is a lot of fun to make.  The complete Miata series will be uploaded in the VIP membership area.  So, check out the LearnAutoBodyAndPaint VIP course to get access to that series and other step-by-step projects on auto body.

My goal is to add value which is more personalized.  This is a community of like-minded people and more than just joining those free private forums.

I’m sure it will help you out a lot and you’ll really enjoy it.  Plus, we have a 60-day money-back guarantee.  If you don’t like the membership club, just let us know and you get a full refund.

I’m thinking of doing a new set of videos in a Q&A format.  So, put your most burning questions on auto body below the YouTube video.  I know we did this in the past and we’re doing it again.

Let me know what you need help with, what you’re stuck with or what you’re confused about.  I’m going to start doing video responses to your unique questions.

I’ve been getting some but I just haven’t made the replies yet.  This is where I can add them up and go through the questions then make videos that you can learn from.

I think it’s going to be really helpful and people will really like this.  So, go ahead and send in your questions and I’ll start replying through videos.

Probably in a month or two, we’re going to get back in the shop and I’m thinking of doing a new project.  It’s not 100% sure yet because I still have to finish up the Miata with the buffing and final details to get it to look really good.

It needs a new set of tires too so I’m probably going to put some new tires on it.  I decided not to put too much money on it because it’s a ’97 M edition collection Miata and it will not go up in value immensely.

It will bring me back more than what I put into it so I’m not going to lose money.  And, that’s what you want to do in every car that you get.

Instead of putting three to four thousand dollars in a Miata, I’d rather put it into another project, like a rust project so I could make more videos for you.

Anyway, put your questions below the YouTube video.  Thank you for watching my videos and thank you for the support. I’m looking forward to answering your specific questions.

I’ll post them up on my blog with the video transcribed so you can read it or you can also print them out then tackle your projects.

It’s Tony from LearnAutoBodyAndPaint.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  I’m thinking of getting the Apple iWatch.  What do you think?  I got a Bob Mercier French watch.  But, I’m hesitant to get it because it’s the first edition.

I’ve been reading this biography of Steve Jobs.  It’s amazing! And, it inspired to get the iWatch.  I can’t wait for the second generation.  I’ll get that one and act like I’m James Bond.  LOL!

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I’ll be in touch! Bye!


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  1. How about doing a video on replacing rockers on a 1999 style chevy ext. cab. These trucks are notorious for issues with rust out.


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