Learn Auto Body And Paint in 3 Basic Steps

Are you ready to learn auto body and paint?

If you want to create show-car quality body repairs, modifications and paintjobs without the YEARS of experience it usually takes, what I’m sharing here is the one thing that’s probably holding you back.

You see, there are 3 things you need to become a world-class auto body guy:

(and if you’re missing even one of these, you’re doomed to make the same mistakes over and over, never quite nailing it – you’ll become the guy other people DON’T want to take their cars to)

  1. – You need to be a paint gun sharpshooter. You need to wield it like a cowboy, hitting your mark every time you pull it from its holster. cowboy-sharpshooter
  2. – You need to be a bondo badass. You need to know when to use, when not to use it, and how to use it without anybody ever knowing you used it.
  3. – You need to be the real deal with the steel. You need to be able to pull dents, re-shape fenders, whip every panel back into shape in record time.

You see, learning auto body and paint may seem a little tough for some auto body newbies, yet on the other hand, there are beginners who jump in and do a good job from day one.

You want to be the guy with the killer ride. You want to turn heads, you want to astonish your buddies, and you want anybody who sees your car to drool with envy.

Or maybe you want to supercharge your skills so you can make money by doing high quality bodywork painting and repairs for other people.

Well, without being pro-level for all three of the things I mentioned above, you’ll never do a pro-level job, period.

Sorry, I know that’s harsh, but that’s just how it is.

Of course there’s other stuff too – you need to be a world class masker; you need to know paint ratios, air pressures and a million other things…

… But Don’t Worry – I’m About To Show You How To Do It All To Such A High Level People Will Think You’ve Been In This For Years.

You see when I first started out in auto body I was only 12 years old. My father ran an auto body shop and I used to work on my own stuff there. You can say that I had a knack for it.

The first important step in learning this skill is to watch somebody do it…

Watch over somebody’s shoulder for a few hours. Learn the step-by-step process. I promise, once you watch a person do this stuff you’ll start to feel like you can do it too.

Step 2. Get your feet wet. You have to get your hands dirty in this game. Pick up a fender and bang it back to shape… Grind some paint off… Mix up some Bondo and spread it on a panel.

Step 3. Get the right guidance. That’s what we’re here for, to nudge you in the right direction when you need it. Think of us as a COACH whenever you need one.

Rinse and repeat and you ‘ll end up with jobs looking like this:

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So that’s it. Let’s get started!

Learn auto body and paint and start restoring your old classics or customizing your euro cars or tuners and start turning heads and feel great with your newly gained skills today.

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