LearnAutoBodyAndPaint and Juicing – Tony Makes a Healthy Green Drink

Hey, what’s going on?!

I made this video to show you how I make my morning green juice. I use some kale, melon and some fresh organic apples and create my concoctions using a Jack Lalane Power Juicer.

I recently started to get back into juicing. I got inspired again after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I used to juice a lot and make some smoothies, too. I like to add a big scoop of Dr. Schulze’s  SuperFood Plus and take some of their green pills everyday.

It actually taste pretty good.  Nothing to do with auto body work or painting but I just want to encourage you guys to live healthier and take better care of ourselves. So just sharing this because maybe you guys are interested in getting more healthy, too. 🙂

Are you also into juicing? What other things do you do to just be healthier overall? Please let me know by leaving your comments below. I always love hearing from you guys.

Talk soon!



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  1. Hmm,it does’nt look that good bro,& Im a Steak Eggs & Chips kind of guy,but I just might give it a try.Heck I might try juicing them, lol,Ill get back to ya on that……


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