1 Tip: Adjusting Your Spray Gun – Automotive Spray Gun Setup For Painting Door Jambs

spray gun settings

Hey, what’s goin’ on?! I got a quick question from one of our VIP members. He’s painting door jambs on his car and didn’t want to buy a smaller touch-up gun to get into those tight areas. So he asked me, “Tony, can I use the regular 904HE to do my door jambs?” I’m like, “Yeah, … Read more

How To Set Up Air Compressor for Your Garage Part 1

How To Set Up Air Compressor From Home. Ok, I just got this BRAND NEW Bel-Aire Air Compressor from: www.aircompressorsdirect.com   Here are the specs of the compressor from the brand themselves. BelAire 216V Specs it’s the very first one. I started to set it up and planned on getting it running yesterday when I ran into a … Read more