Auto Body And Paint Tips THEY Don’t Want You To Know About

auto body and paint tips

Hey! Good Morning! This is a quick video on a little tank project that I’m working on. Let me tell you a little bit about this thing so you understand what’s going on here. We have a Yamaha YSR50 gas tank and we’re on the final stage of the project.  I decided to do a two-tone graphic on it … Read more

1 Tip: Adjusting Your Spray Gun – Automotive Spray Gun Setup For Painting Door Jambs

spray gun settings

Hey, what’s goin’ on?! I got a quick question from one of our VIP members. He’s painting door jambs on his car and didn’t want to buy a smaller touch-up gun to get into those tight areas. So he asked me, “Tony, can I use the regular 904HE to do my door jambs?” I’m like, “Yeah, … Read more

Correct Sandpaper Grit You Should Sand Your Car With – Before Paint!

Did you enjoy the video? Check out the LABAP VIP course that will help turn you into an auto body and paint pro, from home! Hey! What’s up? Thank you for watching this video about the correct sandpaper grit you should sand your car with before paint. This is a question that I get asked … Read more

Thank You YouTube Fans & Subscribers!! 10 Million YouTube Views On

Thank You YouTube Fans Subscribers LearnAutoBodyAndPaint

Hey! What’s Up! I’m making this special video to say Thank You to all of you, our YouTube Fans and Subscribers for 10 Million YouTube Views on ‘s channel, all the Likes, Shares, Comments, and all of your support! I really appreciate it. It’s a BIG thing that we hit 10 million views. I really … Read more

DIY: How To Paint a Motorcycle Yourself Update Part 1

How To Paint A Motorcycle

Hey, what’s goin’ on! I haven’t been posting videos lately. I have just been really busy, with family visiting from New York and Japan and other stuff. Now I am definitely back and I’ll show you the bike project that will be uploaded to the VIP course in just a bit. Let me show you … Read more